Christmas Store in Prague

My parents just came home from their vacation earlier today. The last leg of their vacation was spend in Prague. While there they visited a store full of Christmas ornaments – it was located in The Old Town.

This picture is taken from Google, but I could have used the picture my mom took because they are almost identical.

I’m desperately seeking the name of the store since I’m planning on visiting it when I travel to Prague sometime.


Red Tails

So I just saw this movie about the Tuskegee Airmen. I can’t remember how I found it, but it might have something to do with Cuba Gooding Jr.

I can’t really nitpick the movie about since I don’t know the history the movie is based upon. But I can say that I, I’m lining up behind those who say the characters were flat, the script could’ve been written by a 12 year old and the CGI was just bad.

And I actually think it’s a great idea having an almost all black cast. It’s refreshing to see. I don’t really get people who only wants to see movies with white people in lead roles. Black, yellow, green or red – it’s the acting ability that has to shine – not their skin colour.

One of the reasons why I saw this movie was Cuba Gooding Jr. – I’ve liked him ever since I saw him as in Jerry McGuire – albeit his last movies has been pure crap. He’s one fine actor – and I’m sure he could do so much better than movies like Norbit and Daddy Daycare! For goodness sake he won an Acadamy Award for his role in Jerry McGuire.

Oh well, enough of my ranting of his pure choices of movies. What I really meant to say was that he was excellent in this one – and he was hands down the best along side Terrence Howard. They both nailed it despite being given shitty (pardon my language) material. The younger cast didn’t fare so well in my opinion. Not one of them made their characters believable, which is actually unfortunate since I think they could have done better with other material. I never believed in the love story between Joe “Lightning” Little and that Italian woman. They had no chemistry – at all! And I actually didn’t feel any sympathy for him when he died which is weird and I guess the film makers had aimed to make the audience feel  sympathy for him…


Starring: Terrence Howard: Colonel A.J. BullardCuba Gooding Jr.:
Major Emanuelle StanceNate Parker:  Marty ‘Easy’ JulianDavid Oyelowo:
Joe ‘Lightning’ LittleTristan Wilds: Ray ‘Junior’ GannonNe-Yo: Andrew
‘Smokey’ SalemElijah Kelley: Samuel ‘Joker’ GeorgeMarcus T. Paulk: David
‘Deke’ WatkinsDaniela Ruah: SofiaLars van Riesen: Pretty BoyBryan
Cranston: Colonel William MortamusLee Tergesen: Colonel Jack
TomlinsonGerald McRaney: Lieutenant General Luntz

Directed by: Anthony Hemingway
Written by: John Ridley (story) and Aaron McCruder (screenplay)

Disclaimer: All pictures belong to their respective owners.

Down River

I’ve just reread an amazing book called Down River. It’s written by John Hart (yeah, not THAT John Hart).

Anyway it’s about a guy, Adam who returns home to the family ranch in North Carolina after a self-imposed exile to New York. He left town after he was acquitted in the murder of a young local boy ( a football hero at his High School) which turned the town against Adam. His stepmother testified against him in court stating she saw him drenched in blood from the boy which caused a rift between him and his father. The father chose to believe his new wife and not his son – no need to say they have a difficult relationship.Waiting for Adam is also his ex-girlfriend, who he also left behind when fleeing to New York even though she was one of the few who believed he was innocent. Now he’s returning after five years because his childhood friend Danny needs help with something.


I strongly recommend it. The plot is well thought off – and I keep getting surprised about the things even though I’ve read it a couple of times before this time. The characters are well written and they develop throughout the story. No one is left behind. John Hart really know how to portray the little city in North Carolina. But it’s the river, which have the biggest role in the story. It’s the one thing it’s all centred around.

Well, I have a fondness of family chronicles which I think this book is as much a crime novel. It’s interesting to see how the generations are acting in relation to the other.