Oliver and Christian, Verbotene Liebe

Oliver Sabel (Jo Weil) and Christian Mann (Thore Schölermann) has become an iconic gay couple in the soap world despite the show is from Germany.

1. Christian and Oliver’s Sexuality
I believe Christian is bisexual with a preference for women. The only guy he has ever shown interest in on the show is Oliver. Actually Christian might only be gay for Oliver, much like Graig is for John Paul on Hollyoaks. Both Christian and Craig cheated repeatedly on their partners with females- not males which is why I have come to this conclusion.

Oliver on the other hand is firmly established bisexual having made out with both men and women, but I think he has a preference for men. I fare better when it comes to believing him as bisexual since he has kissed both genders on screen unlike Christian.

2.Their Wedding
They couldn’t get the actors playing Gregor and Luise back for Oliver and Christian’s wedding? I can live with that, but I found it odd no one mentioned them once. They are Christian’s last remaining relatives discounting Stella, who suspiciously also didn’t attend. One would have thought Gregor at least called Christian on his special day to wish him good luck. Instead Oliver’s irritating mother showed up.

I was so sad when Gregor and Luise left the show because with them gone Christian had no family left on the show to interact with. I loved the scenes between Christian and Gregor – they really had great chemistry.

The Flat share
This is even more ridiculous than in Friends. How many bedrooms does these two apartments have? It seems – especially the bigger one – is overcrowded at times. Well, I believe the bigger of the two has three bedrooms, one or two bathrooms? and a combined kitchen/living room. The smaller one has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a combined kitchen/living room.


In defense of Craig Dean

I think people tend to forget that Craig Dean (Guy Burnet) arrived in Hollyokas long before John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) did. These days people only mention the latter when discussing the show’s ground breaking storyline involving the two characters. I get that he is back and Craig isn’t, but that doesn’t really matter to me. Okay, Craig really had bad fashion sense and a bad hairstyle during his first years on the show. They vastly improved over time – and when he returned in 2008 he was smoking hot. The different cardigans he wore during his affair with John Paul were epic – especially the one with giant snowflakes on. I actually thought it was the best one of the lot – and it looked pretty comfy as well.

Craig Dean is a far more complex character than John Paul McQueen in my opinion and it looks like I’m in the minority – yet again. This is not the first time I’m going against the tides and prefer a different character than most people. I could give several examples of this, but it’s not really the place to do so. Anyway I find Craig Dean to be more complex because he went from a fun loving scheming lone wolf to someone who had friends.

Sometimes I actually missed him hanging out with his family – especially Steph (Carly Stenson). This almost went out the window when  John Paul, Hannah (Emma Rigby) and Sarah Barnes (Loui Batley) entered the picture. Some of his best moments came from interacting with his family – looking back to the clips I’ve seen it seems like John Paul interact more with the McQueen’s than Craig does with the Dean’s – maybe it’s because I’ve only watched those clips having a direct connection to the McDean storyline.

Speaking of the Dean family, Jake (Kevin Sacre) was a major ass towards Craig, when the latter started a relationship with John Paul. Craig never wavered in his support for Jake when he ran over Sonny Valentine’s mom or when he started a relationship with Nancy (his dead wife’s sister). No, Jake threw homophobic slurs at him and refused to accept him as he was. Steph on the other hand was totally cool and supported Craig. It was a bit wierd neither Debbie (Jodi Albert) nor Craig showed up to Steph’s wedding and later her funeral. Oh, well that’s soap operas for you!

The Dean Family is almost gone from Hollyoaks as I write this. Debbie was the first to leave, then Johnno (Mark Powley/Colin Wells), followed by Craig, Steph and the last to leave was Jake. Now Frankie (Helen Pearson) is the last Dean standing – not counting Charlie Dean (her supposed grandson). And to precise she was only Dean by marriage and since she remarried after the split from Johnno her name is now Frankie Osborne.

I’m quite happy the writers didn’t turn Craig completely gay, it would have been a little cliché and unbelivable since he clearly was in love with both Natalie and Darlene at some point. However I don’t agree with them not making him bisexual because Craig is in some sort of limbo. He is neither gay, straight nor bi. Then what is he? He is only gay for John Paul and he sums it up pretty well, “It’t not about sexual orientation, but about who you fall in love with.” And he happend to fall in love with a guy.

Many people blame Craig for everything in regard to his failing relationship to both Sarah and John Paul. I think if people watched his scenes with Abby, Natalie and Darlene they would get a different picture of him. They clearly messed with his head – and his dad leaving for a younger woman (same age as Steph, I think?) didn’t help either. The three girls used him for their own benefit taking advanged of a less experienced Craig. I will admit much of the heartache could have been avoided with Craig breaking up with Sarah sooner and stand by his feelings for John Paul. It’s not right to string someone along – and think Craig did it to two people actually kind of makes me quesy in my stomach. Nevertheless he’s still my favorite character on the show.

Curiously enough I wonder why two young men (19 and 20) think a baby can fix their ailing relationship?

Their relationship were kind of doomed from the beginning. First because of Craig and his stupid ideas.Second because of Niall – I think people underestimate his influence on how their relationship went from bad to worse. When Craig returned in Hollyoks Later he admitted to Steph that John Paul wasn’t coping well with the deaths of Kieron and his sister, Tina. I actually believe that John Paul never should have gone to Dublin as Craig’s boyfriend or whatever they were.. He clearly needed time to heal and mourn the loss of two persons he loved. I think their relationship could have lasted if that had happened instead of jumping back into bed together. Then imagine the nosedive their relationship was bound to take when Craig returned to Dublin after nearly being killed Niall and watching his sister being hurt. I get that Niall was John Paul’s long lost half-brother, but that doesn’t make the attack on Tom (Ellis Hollins), Steph and Craig less significant.

So I think trying for a baby was the worst thing they could have done. What they should have done was get some counselling from a professional who knew how to deal with this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they both developed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Top 3 gay teen couples in soaps

1. Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) & William “Will” Horton (Chandler Massey), Days of Our Lives


This is mostly due to Chandler Massey’s acting abilities and the electric chemistry between him and Freddie Smith. I have seldom seen such chemistry between two actor. I find Will to be the more interesting character of the pair.

2.John Paul “JP” McQueen (James Sutton) & Craig Dean (Guy Burnet), Hollyoaks


Them coming in second is mostly Guy Burnet’s credit since I find him the strongest actor of the two. His character, Craig changed the most over the years (granted I stopped watching after their supposed Sunset Ending) – he went from a fun loving, scheming lone wolf to a complex character with many layers. There’s no doubt James Sutton and Guy Burnet have an amazing chemistry – only second to Chandler and Freddie (see above) and I love how different their characters are.

3. Luciano “Luke” Snyder (Van Hansis) & Noah Mayer (Jake Silbermann) As the World Turns 

I couldn’t find any good pictures of them – and I didn’t have time to put something together myself.

Anyway these two are probably the most famous gay couple in American soap operas because Luke and Noah’s relationship were kind of ground breaking. The reason they end up in third place is because they kind of lack the charm John Paul and Craig have and the electric chemistry of Sonny and Will. Like the two others one actor is stronger than the other. In my opinion it’s Jake Silbermann – especially when his struggling to come out and after the fireworks incident.


By the way is it a coincidence allthe couples on this list consist of a brunette and a blond? Maybe it’s good televison when they have opposite hair colors?

As the World Turns:
Brunettes: Maddie (Alexandra Chando) and Noah
Blonds: Reid Oliver (Eric Sheffer Stevens) and Luke

Days of Our Lives:
Brunettes: Brian Brant Daugherty) and Sonny

Brunettes: Sarah (Loui Bartley) and Craig
Blonds: Hannah (Emma Rigby) and John Paul

Actually the only ones who fall out of this pattern is Gabi (Camila Banus) and Will who are brunette and blond respectively.