The way to Amarillo – Emmerdale spoof


This is just so funny. I love how goofy the Emmerdale cast is. And oh wow Joe Gill (Finn) looks way hotter without his specs. I haven’t seen Danny Miller (Aaron) smile this much – ever! Nice change. I guess Kelvin Fletcher (Andy) and Adam Thomas (Adam) are really good friends with Danny Miller IRL.

Supernatural, Season 10

I just finished watching season ten of Supernatural last night. I usually watch it every week, but this time around, I had to prioritize my schedule. It is apparently hard (for me) getting a master’s degree and watching television at the same time. It is not just Supernatural that have suffered from this – a myriad of others shows I follow have had a similar fate this “year”. However, a few weeks back I watched the first eight episodes of season 10 and over the weekend, I watched the remaining 15 episodes.

I have watched Supernatural almost from the beginning in 2005. I think I might have missed the first two seasons (though I am not really sure – time flies and it is getting harder to remember). What I do remember is that I fell in love with the show instantly. I loved the format of two brothers driving cross America, hunting ghosts/other mysterious things. I knew both actors from other television shows. Jared Padalecki from Gilmore Girls where he played Rory’s first (and slightly boring) boyfriend – ironically – named Dean. Jensen Ackles had a role in Dark Angel featuring a young Jessica Alba and recurring roles in Dawson’s Creek and Smallville. Maybe the latter is a Retroactive Recognition – I do not know.

Anyhow I loved the first three seasons where they predominately picked up hunting urban legends and the show was simpler. Another feature that drew me in was the use of classic rock. I love classic rock and I must admit I have missed the use of this genre in later seasons. Carry On My Wayward Son still gets tears in my eyes when watching the awesome segment “the road so far”. That song just fits perfectly with the theme of the show.

Just because I loved the first three seasons does not mean that I do not love the reminder seven seasons because I do. I guess a lot of it has to do with the introduction of Castiel in season four. I know it is kind of a cliché to cite this reason for why I continued to watch since he was (and still is) an immensely popular character among the fans. Bringing in the angels in season four created a balance since we had already been introduced to the demons (in form of Meg). Crowley is another brilliant character – I have not seen a character with so much snark in a long time. It is a thrill to watch him banter and play off characters like Dean, Sam and Castiel. It was awesome both Misha Collins (Castiel) and Mark Sheppard (Crowley) was promoted to regulars in season ten. It was a long time coming because both of them has appeared in pivotal roles during the show.

Introducing the men of letters was a brilliant move. I love them having a home base though it was charming when they relied on motel rooms. Giving them a home base is moving away from the drifter aspect. It is nice to see them having their own room, which I assume was not really a luxury when living with their dad. Later they shared motel rooms. It is a wonder neither have snapped citing not enough privacy.

I have recently rewatched some episodes from season one and it is funny how light Jensen’s voice compared to season ten where he almost growls out every word Dean says.

Well back to season ten:
I actually liked it though I would have liked it more if Dean had stayed a demon for a little while longer. They wasted an opportunity here. Besides, it must have been nice for Jensen Ackles to play something different from the usual Dean. Season ten is one of the few times he has been the center of the story. It is usually Sam the story revolves around. One thing I did learn from this is that being a demon does not come with better vocal chords. Demon Dean absolutely butchered the songs he sang at karaoke.

I really find it hilarious that the actress who plays Rowena is younger than the actor playing her son. Other than that I chuckled every time another character found out they (Rowena and Crowley) were related. It was met with disbelief and most of the time they has to pick their jaw up from the floor. It is quite refreshing to see a character with mommy issues instead of daddy issues. Both Sam, Dean and multiple guest characters all have daddy issues – in spades.

I liked the parallels between Hannah and Castiel. It is obvious how far he has come since he was introduced in season four. Now he could teach another angel how to behave human.

I was in awe during the final scene of the last episode. It was beautiful and rivaled the fallen angels from the season eight final. I cannot pick which one is more beautiful.

The rendition of Carry On My Wayward Son in the 200th episode was absolutely stunning. I liked it being used “in the road so far” segment before the original kicked in.

The new title card is beautiful and it is one of my favorites out of all ten title cards.

I just wish they had focused more on the mark of Cain instead of Claire Novak. I found the episodes (except the last one) she was in boring and sort of pointless. I get it she has suffered because her dad died when Castiel needed a vessel and her mom vanished. I am not sure it really warranted two episodes to see her struggles. One would have been enough.

The bickering between Charlie and Rowena was hilarious. Poor Castiel who was stuck in the middle babysitting them.

Speaking of Charlie I never really warmed to her character. Though I absolutely adore Felicia Day. I thought it was heartbreaking that she died and I am happy we did not witness it first hand, but just saw the aftermath when Sam and Dean found her. It was great that she was levelheaded enough to send the code to Sam before she died. How convenient was it that she used a tablet instead of a laptop? Tablets are much easier to break than a laptop.

This season was a much better season than the one, which dealt with the leviathans. That one had the worst villain I have seen.  It is funny to see how both Castiel and Crowley have been big bads and now they are both helping our heroes.

The Sixth Point

Here is the sixth post out of a series of sixth wherein I write about something that bugs me about Twilight and its universe.

6. How Edward stalked and abused Bella

Edward stalked Bella like she was his prey which she kind of was. She was his singer and therefore in constant danger when around him.

He never asked permission to watch her sleep and he oiled the window so is would not make much noise. That is not romantic. That is creepy. It is unnerving so any young girls find this romantic.

Edward abused Bella – not in the psychical way, but more psychologically. He took out the engine in her truck to keep her from Jacob. He had Alice kidnap her for the same purpose.

He actually  put her in more danger than Jacob ever did. He was the one who threw into that glass table at her 18th birthday party. Granted he was trying to keep her out of harms way, but he made everything worse. I believe the situation could have been resolved in a more peaceful way.

The next post will explain why I needed to make this series of 6 points that bugs me in Twilight and its universe.

The Fifth Point

Here is the fifth post out of a series of sixth wherein I write about something that bugs me about Twilight and its universe.

5. How Jacob’s character derailed when Stephenie Meyer realized he was a better romantic option for Bella. 

Jacob was introduced as a sweet sixteen-year-old kid, who Bella remembered playing with when she was younger. By the end of Eclipse this sweet guy had turned into a possessive jerk. There was no reason for him to turn out that way except Stephenie Meyer needed to make room for her endgame couple, which were Bella and Edward.

And do not get me started on him imprinting on Bella’s daughter.

Stay tunes for the last part in the series.

The Fourth Point

Here is the fourth post out of a series of sixth wherein I write about something that bugs me about Twilight and its universe.

4. How vampires sparkle in the sun and how semen apparently can survive in a body that is for all intend and purposes rock hard and cold.

I would prefer if the vampires did not sparkle like a disco ball in the sun. I laughed my ass off when I read how Edward sparkled in the sun. I saw Robert Pattinson’s scrawny chest along with the rest of the theater! It was not something I would want to look at again. I think it came of as scrawny since we have been accosted to see a bunch of half-naked Native Americans with six packs, broad shoulders and towering heights running around.

I do not understand how Edward produces semen nor how he can get an erection. I suppose that I should not speculate too much about this otherwise I would hurt my head banging it against a flat surface.

Stay tuned for the fifth part of the series.