Star Wars yay!

I lost my Star Wars virginity – so to speak – last Wednesday. Up until then I have only seen less than half of “the Phantom Menace” more than fifteen years ago. I fell asleep during it, and I later learned it bored on blasphemy. The only thing that saved me was the fact it was the worst film of the lot.

My friend is completely crazy about Star Wars as is the rest of her family. She grew up with watching it. Every year she has a marathon and when she learned I have never watched it she invited me.

She did a lot of research on what others thought was a good watching order. She finally settled on “the machete order”. It is a guy who recommend watching them in this order:

  1. A New Hope (1977)
  2. The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
  3. Attack of the Clones (2002)
  4. Revenge of the Sith (2005)
  5. Return of the Jedi (1983)

He suggests this order because it keeps Luke’s tale. When Luke is left with the question (like us): “how did my father really become Darth Vader?” “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” serves as one long flashback to explain Darth Vader’s origin. After watching these two movies we go back to the main story line in “Return of the Jedi” where Luke have to rescue his father.

Another perk of doing it this way is that “the Empire Strikes Back” ends on a cliffhanger. Han Solo is frozen in carbonite, Vader is Luke’s father and the empire hit the rebellion hard.

For a first time viewer like me it made perfect sense. I was sitting on my chair throughout the saga. Though I was spoiled on some pretty big twists like:

  • I knew Darth Vader was Luke’s father.
  • I knew that Luke lost his hand/arm.
  • I knew that Luke and Leia were twins.

Even if I did know these poignant plot lines it never bothered me. It is different to see a clip here and there without the context. It is entirely different seeing the scenes play out in context. I never expected not to be spoiled. The first trilogy is over 25 years old, and I never cared much for the second trilogy made 13 years ago.

I fell in love with Star Wars by time end credits rolled for “A New Hope”. I’m still amazed how real the special effects looked in the movies from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

I would highly recommend watching the series in the order above. I benefited a lot from it. I did not ask too many questions because I got confused. Most of my questions were answered in flashbacks.

En Kongelig Affære

N.B.: This was originally published in 2012, but the post weren’t imported from Tumblr to WordPress like it was supposed to.

Jeg fik endelig set En Kongelig Affære i går aftes sammen med en veninde. Jeg nåde desværre aldrig at se den i biografen. Men hold da op, den var virkelig ventetiden værd! Det er en af de bedste danske film jeg har set MEGET længe.

EKAalt-DKartworkDesuden læser jeg et fag på universitetet hvor vi lærer at forholde os kritisk det hvad vi ser i henhold til historie m.m. Jeg har fået en lille arbejdsskade af det, men det tænkte jeg slet ikke på da jeg så filmen, hvilket i sig selv er godt klaret! Herudover er mine studiekammerater også udpræget glade for den ligesom resten af befolkningen.

Jeg synes det er fortjent at den er vores bud på en Oscar kandidat! Den er fuldt på højde med de bedste internationale film jeg har set. Den er simpelthen så flot filmet, redigeret, landskabet er fortryllende –  og det samme er kostumerne! Kostumerne er faktisk bedre end dem BBC kan fremtrylle i deres historiske Tv-serier. Jeg synes simpelthen de er så smukke.

Jeg vil gå så langt at sige at filmen er fyldt med det man på TvTropes kalder Costume Porn  og Gorgeous Period Dress – bare se på plakaterne!

Hvad angår skuespils præstationerne er de helt i top! Ikke bare Mads Mikkelsen, som faktisk blegner i forhold til Mikkel Boe Følsgaard. Det er helt fortjent han vandt en Sølvbjørn i ved Berlinaden! Alicia Vikander er okay som den danske dronning. Reelt forsvinder hun dog lidt i selskabet af de to mænd. Jeg håber Mikkel Boe Følsgaard kan slå igennem i udlandet mens han stadig er ung i modsætning til Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau og Ulrich Thomsen.

Og nå ja så fortjener hunden der spillede Gourmand da også lige et par linjer. Aldrig har jeg set en så nuttet Grand Danois.
Det er en dvd jeg helt klart vil købe på et tidspunkt når den udkommer.

My Neighbour Totoro

N.B.: This was originally published in 2012, but the post weren’t imported from Tumblr to WordPress like it was supposed to.

A friend of mine introduced me to My Neighbour Totoro. I had never heard of the film before and I was intrigued. I like watching and learning new things; I’m always game for a challenge and here I definitely discovered something very beautiful and emotional.

51i0O8MNsfLThe next time I saw her I borrowed her DVD of the film – and watched the film when I got home.

Oh my I was in love – and the first thought, that came to me was how I had never seen anything this cute in my whole life. We agreed upon we both wanted a stuffed Totoro. He looks really soft and I just want to cuddle with him.

Hayao Miyazaki has made an almost complete film: his animation was breathtaking – on the very same level if not better than Pixar Studios in America and the story was just beautiful written. I’m sorry I’m repeating myself, but I think the word “beautiful” is the most fitting to describe the film.

It’s so different from the films I use to watch which is mostly from the Western World like Denmark, Great Britain, America, Germany, Spain, Canada – and occasionally from Sweden. I’m definitely going to watch some of his other animated films whenever I get the chance.

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

N.B.: This was originally published in 2012, but the post weren’t imported from Tumblr to WordPress like it was supposed to.

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, commonly known as the LxD, is a web series about two groups of rival dancers: The Alliance of the Dark who are the villains and The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, the heroes, who discover they have superpowers referred to as “the Ra” through their dance abilities. The entire story takes place over hundreds of years, beginning in the 1920s up to the year 3000. The series is written, directed, and produced by Jon Chu. The series is choreographed by Christopher Scott and Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang Jr. on Glee) with assistant choreography by Galen Hooks.

Members have a wide variety of specialties including hip-hop, krumping, contemporary, tricking, popping, b-boying, jazz, tap, and ballet.

All of the choreography and stunts are real; there are no special effects or wire work and the entire series is shot on location without the use of green screens.

Season one (The Uprising Begins) focuses on the back story of the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, the “good guys”. Each episode introduces each of the characters and their specific dance ability.

Season two (Secrets of the Ra) tells the back story of the villains of The LXD which consist of Organization X—called The Ox—and The Umbras.

The Amazing Spider-Man

N.B.: This was originally published in 2012, but the post weren’t imported from Tumblr to WordPress like it was supposed to.

I just saw The Amazing Spider-Man last night. I went into the theater with Toby Maguire’s performance as Spider-Man fresh in my mind. That was the first superhero movie I ever saw and it left me with an very nice impression. The first movie was better than the two sequels.

The_Amazing_Spider-Man_theatrical_posterI have always liked Toby Maguire as an actor; so I was very cautious on my expectations to Andrew Garfield’s interpretation of the same character. However I still prefer TM to AG, but the latter still impressed me. I haven’t seen anything he has acted in before The Amazing Spider-Man.

I don’t know how I feel about Dr. Curt Connors, Gwen Stacy or Captain Stacy. I kind of missed Harry Osborne and his father; the head of Oscorp (for whom CC works for). It would have given a nice touch to see the CEO of this business instead of his lackey (the other Dr.). I prefer Rosemary Harris to Sally Field when it comes to the role of May Parker. I truly didn’t miss Kirsten Dunst at all in this movie. She was kind of the weakest link in the trilogy in my opinion. I’m hoping the characters Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborne and Norman Osborne are appearing in the sequel, which is coming if you have seen the seen after the end credits.

In the end I went out of the theater with a nice feeling and I liked they hadn’t really replicated the Sam Raimi movie from 2002. It was a nice to see a different plot; it was good and well developed. Now I just hope they don’t make the same mistake Sam Raimi did with his 3rd Spider-Man movie by introducing too many villains.

The Oscars 2015

The 87th Academy Awards (or affectionately nicknamed the Oscars) aired on Sunday 22nd February 2015. I used most of the night watching it due to the time difference.

I actually haven’t really had time to read about or see any of the movies that was nominated this year. However the fashion was pretty good. Many pretty dresses on very skinny ladies. One would think they all had anorexia or bulimia. Nevertheless there was some standouts this year. Rosamund Pike, Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick springs to my mind.


Anna Kendrick


Rosamund Pike

There were misses as well…but we don’t talk about those…

I found the show a little boring – I had hoped for more. Maybe I had too high expectations…I don’t know. Neil Patrick Harris was okay, nothing more. Though I loved his opening number with Anna Kendrick and Jack Black. The sketch with him wandering naked onto the stage with a cameo from Miles Teller was brilliant executed. The rest was – kind of – meh…I mean bland and didn’t really appeal to me. The last one was the closet to an Oscar moment if I strictly look at the host.


Anna Kendrick and Neil Patrick Harris in the opening numberAs I wrote before I can’t really speak of it was the right people who won the statues since I haven’t seen any of the nominated movies. I did root for either Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch for best actor.

The Theory Of EverythingandThe Imitation Game were the only ones I heard a little about beforehand. And I’ve seen both actors in other movies. I find them both brilliant. So I guess it was well deserved that Eddie Redmayne won the award for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking.

The speeches were very moving this year. Covered everything from feminism (Patricia Arquette, best supporting actress) to suicide (Graham Moore, best adapted screenplay) to ASL (Eddie Redmayne, best actor) to race (John Legend and Common, best original song) to Alzheimer’s disease (Julianne Moore, best actress). The best one were Graham Moore’s! I quoted it below. That was a true Oscar moment along with Eddie Redmayne’s win.

Here are some snippets of some of the acceptance speeches:

“Thank you so much. I read an article that said that winning an Oscar could lead to living five years longer. If that’s true, I’d really like to thank the Academy because my husband is younger than me […] “There is no such thing as best actress as is evidenced by the performances of fellow nominees. I’ve been honored to be among you every step of the way. I’m so happy – I’m thrilled actually – that we were able to hopefully shine a light on Alzheimer’s disease,” the actress said. “So many people with this disease feel isolated and marginalized, and one of the wonderful things about movies is it makes us feel seen and not alone. And people with Alzheimer’s deserve to be seen, so we can find a cure.”- Julianne Moore


Eddie Redmayne and his new companion

Thank you, thank you, Thank you to the Academy. I don’t think I’m capable of articulating quite how I feel right now. I am fully aware that I am a lucky, lucky man. This Oscar—wow! Um, this Oscar… This belongs to all of those people around the world battling ALS. It belongs to one exceptional family, Stephen, Jane, Jonathan, and the Hawking children. And I will be its custodian and I will promise you I will look after him. I will polish him. I will answer his beck and call and I will wait on him hand and foot.” – Eddie Redmayne.

“If you’re lucky enough to have a parent or two alive, call them! Don’t text, don’t e-mail  […] Call them. Listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you.“ – J.K. Simmons.


From left to right: J.K. Simmons, Patricia Arquette, Julianne Morre & Eddie Redmayne.”When i was 16 year’s old i tried to kill myself, because I felt weird, and different and I didn’t belong,” he starts. “Stay weird, stay different” – Graham Moore

“We say that Selma is now, because the struggle for justice is right now,” he said. “We know that the Voting Rights Act that they fought for 50 years ago is being compromised right now in this country today. We know that right now, the struggle for freedom and justice is real. We live in the most incarcerated country in the world. There are more black men under correctional control today then were under slavery in 1850 […] We are with you, we see you, we love you and march on.“ – John Legend.

It was bittersweet that Denmark wasn’t nominated in the best foreign language film category. Denmark has been nominated 10 times:

1959: Paw by Astrid Henning-Jensen1961: Harry Og Kammertjeneren (

Harry And The Butler) by Bent Christensen1987: Babettes Gæstebud (

Babette’s Feast) by Gabriel Axel1988: Pelle Eroberen (

Pelle The Conqueror) by Bille August1989: Dansen Med Regitze (

Waltzing Regitze) by Kaspar Rostrup2006: Efter Brylluppet (

After The Wedding) by Susanne Bier2010: Hævnen (

In A Better World) by Susanne Bier2012: En Kongelig Affære (

A Royal Affair) by Nikolaj Arcel 2013: Jagten (

The Hunt) by Thomas Vinterberg

Denmark won in 1988, 1989 and in 2010. In 2012 and 2013 Denmark were dark horses to win, but lost out to Austria’s Amour and Italy’s The Great Beauty.

Anne of the Green Gables – Books vs. Movies (1985 and 1987)

I read the books about Anne Shirley years ago when I was a young girl and I remember the movies (Anne Of The Green Gables, Anne Of The Green Gables – The Sequel and the dreadful third movie I refuse to name) being aired during the Christmas Holidays where in Denmark (where I live). It was cut into “episodes” so the week between Christmas and New Year I spend an hour a day watching this. I’ve only seen the third movie once many years ago while I’ve seen the two first several times. I bought them in a box set some years go (which unfortunately included the third movie).

As I’ve grown older I have become more aware of the blatant omission of some things in the books which I find very unfortunate and regretful looking back. My favorite books are

Anne Of The Green Gables,Anne Of Avonleaand/or Anne Of The Island  is in no particular order. Though I’m extremely fond ofAnne Of The Island and I’m actually really disappointed that Anne’s time at Redmond College never made into the first or second movie.

The first movie is based fairly accurately on the first book while the second movie run fast and loose with the two following books. Below I’ve made at comparison of the book and the first movie.

Movie (1985)
– Anne is 12 years old.
– There is a ”trial period” for Marilla and Matthew to decide if they will keep Anne in the film.
– Anne meets Gilbert at a Picnic.
– Josie’s dare, Gilbert and the other boys are there and it is said to be at Moody’s house.
– Only the girls are there and it is at Diana’s house.Anne and Diana go through the Haunted Woods with Anne’s injured ankle.
– The Allan’s show up much earlier in the movie.The Allan’s show up much later in the book.
– Anne goes to a ball with Diana and Aunt Josephine.
– Diana goes with Anne for the latter Queens Exam.
– The Lily Maid scene comes up much later in the movie.
– They did not know the scores for the Queen Exam yet.Gilbert tells Anne they tied on the Queens Exam.
– Those scenes with Gilbert and Anne talking were made up after he tried
to apologize to Anne but she vowed never to speak to him again.
– Anne recites, “The Highwayman” at the concert in White Sands.
– The Movie ended with Gilbert leading Anne back to Green Gables after confirming he gave up the School in Avonlea.

Book (1908)
Anne is 11 years old.
There is no “trial period” for Marilla and Matthew to decide if they will keep Anne in the book.
– Anne meets Gilbert at school.Anne takes on.
– Anne takes on Josie’s dare.
– No injury.
– Only Anne braves the woods late in the evening to retrieve a pattern from Mrs. Barry.
– Anne goes to a concert with Diana and Aunt Josephine.
– The event with Diana going with Anne for her Queens Exam doesn’t happen in the books.
– The Lily Maid scene comes up much earlier in the book. Also, no “fishing for lake trout” comment in the book.
– Diana tells Anne tied with Gilbert on the Queen’s Exam.
– Anne and Gilbert were not on speaking terms until they meet together,
after Anne leaves Matthew’s grave and she heard news that Gilbert gave
up the Avonlea School for her benefit.
– Anne recites, “The Maidens Vow” at the concert in White Sands.
– In the book, it ends with Anne in her Bedroom contemplating her future

As you can see there aren’t many differences between the movie and book. This is the reason why I think this is the best movie of the lot. I know it’s impossible to adapt everything from a book when making a movie. And I’m absolutely fine fine with how the different directors of Harry Potter and Peter Jackson have made their movies.

I really want to make something similar for the second movie and the three books it covers, but I don’t have time to do it right now.

It will however be pointless to try to do something like this with the third movie because it’s an original story/screen play which throws out the later books of The Green Gables series (Anne’s House Of Dreams, Anne Of Ingleside, Rainbow Valley & Rilla Of Ingleside). I can understand why Kevin Sullivan wouldn’t want to adapt the last two books because they really don’t follow Anne (as she is now a grown woman) instead the point of view shifts to her six children and their adventures.

Anne Of The Green Gables Series:
1. Anne Of Green Gables (1908) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
2. Anne Of Avonlea (1909) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
3. Anne Of The Island (1915) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
4. Anne Of Windy Poplars (1936) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
5. Anne’s House of Dreams (1917) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
6. Anne Of Ingleside (1939) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
7. Rainbow Valley (1919) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
8. Rilla Of Ingleside (1921) by Lucy Maud Montgomery

White Horus and Black Heimdall

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has been cast as the Egyptian sun God Horus in the upcoming film Gods of Egypt and there’s already an out cry among fans that a white dude can’t play an Egyptian God. There are actually no real source to back up whether Horus was black, tanned or white. I’d say go with the flow and getting a good actor is better than a bad one of the right color.

A prime example is from the 2011 film, Thor where Idris Elba was cast Heimdall! Thor and Heimdall is part of the Northern Mythology and is whiter than white since the mythology has its roots in Northern Europe. Idris Elba is simply a good actor that many people who had been against the casting choice had to back peddle really fast when the film was released because they forgot the color of the actor.


Black Heimdall (Idris Elba)Nikolaj Coster-Waldau would probably have been suited better to play Heimdall like Idris Elba probably would have been better suited playing Horus. However this is not the case and people will just have to eat it. I know I’m from Denmark and I’m very proud of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and his achievements internationally, but this isn’t the reason why I’m writing this. I believe the best actor should get the part no matter skin color, eye color or hair color. Film makers are entitled to take liberties otherwise they could make a documentary where everything have to based on legit facts and sources.

I can’t for the life of me understand why people can’t see this and be happy someone actually decides to make a movie about something they know. Granted Marvel altered Thor and the rest of the Northern Mythology so much in their aspirations in creating a new superhero that it isn’t far fetched to think Heimdall might/could be black in their universe. After all they did give Thor a new hair color. He is a fiery red head in the myths, but blond in the Marvel comics and films.

The people, who is whining over this should have a reality check. This is just a movie and there are so much awful stuff happening in the world right now. Ukraine is in shambles with Russia putting pressure on them. ISIS are killing people left and right in Syria and Northern Iraq just because they don’t believe in the same God as them. And don’t get me started on the conflict in Israel.

The original was better

Red Dawn (2012)

I bought Red Dawn, the 2010 remake of the 1984 film with Patrick Swayze, Leah Thompson and Jennifer Grey on sale without looking at the back cover. I probably should have done so because this remake is the worst remake I’ve ever seen. I’m starting to wondering if this film should have stayed on the shelves at the MGM instead of being released in 2012 – two years after it was shot. MGM went bankrupts and put a hold on all releases. However this was not initially bad for the film since Chris Hemsworth went on to play Thor in the Avengers films and Josh Hutcherson went on to play Peeta in the Hunger Games. Both franchises was released after 2010.

Taken from


: A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.


And to elaborate a little: The city of Spokane, Washington is awakened by a North Korean paratrooper invasion. Marine Corps veteran Jed Eckert (Chris Hemsworth) and his civilian brother, Matt (Josh Peck) escape with a group of friends – including Robert (Josh Hutcherson), Daryl (Connor Cruise) and Toni (Adrianne Palicki) – to an isolated cabin in the woods, where they witness the execution of their father at the hands of the ruthless Captain Cho. The brothers unite with their friends to form a guerrilla resistance group–the Wolverines–to drive the invaders from their home.


Standing (l-r): Jed, Toni, Matt, Erica, Greg, Julie & Danny.

Sitting (l-r): Robert & Daryl

My biggest problem with this film was Josh Peck. Never ever have I seen such a miscast – he doesn’t have the acting chops to carry the second lead role – and besides that his character Matt is insufferable, selfish, disrespectful and generally just a whiny little brat. Josh Peck only have one facial expression and that’s just not good enough. And he is so wooden and stiff that it almost hurt.

What makes Matt such an unlikable character is:

1) He is selfish. He didn’t care about the others when he saw his girlfriend Erica and thus cost Greg his life because the latter was trying to help.

2) I don’t like how he just went off sulking when they made it back to camp instead of owning up to his part in Greg’s death.

3) Blaming Jed for leaving for six years after their mothers death as an excuse for not owning up to above and trying to make Jed feel bad. All Jed is doing is pointing out this is a war not a game where breaking ranks is okay.


I actually feel for Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson along with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Brett Cullen and Michael Beach to have this film on their CV. They are doing their best with the material they have and don’t fall through as much as some of the other actors.

I actually rather see the original Red Dawn than continue watching this hot mess of a film.

Stars: Chris Hemsworth (Jed Eckert), Josh Peck (Matt Eckert),
Josh Hutcherson (Robert Kitner), Adrianne Palicki (Toni Walsh), Isabel
Lucas (Erica Martin), Connor Cruise (Daryl Jenkins), Edwin Hodge (Danny
Jackson), Alyssa Diaz (Julie Goodyear), Julian Alcaraz (Greg Goodyear),
Will Yun Lee (Captain Cho), Fernando Chien (Lt. Pak), Kenneth Choi (Cpl.
Smith), Michael A. Knight (Colonel Ivanov), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Sgt.
Major Andrew Tanner), Matt Gerald (Sgt. Hodges), Brett Cullen (Tom
Eckert), Michael Beach (Mayor Jenkins) & Steve Lenz (Pete)

Director: Dan Bradley
Screenplay: Carl Ellsworth & Jeremy Passmore

Magic Mike


I just saw Magic Mike last night with a friend of mine. She had been pestering me about seeing it and a couple of weeks ago I found it on sale. Yeah, I could probably have found it on Netflix, streamed it or downloaded it, but I love the feeling of having the disc in my hands. In that area I’m kind of a traditional girl. Anyway I saw it and I didn’t particularly like it.

The first thing on my mind when seeing the cover was, is this an American version of the British movie “The Full Monty”? Which I simply love to death, but unfortunately I was thoroughly disappointed. It was nothing like that because Magic Mike simply was boring as hell.


None of the actors playing the male strippers were that hot or cute – actually they were the opposite in my opinion. I remember watching Roswell where Adam Rodriguez had a major role – I found him so hot back then, now he looked like a shell of his old self. Joe Manganiello was pretty cute as Brooke’s boyfriend in One Tree Hill – now he just looks sleezy with too much gel in his hair. I’ve never found Matt Bomer attractive – not in White Collar nor in his brief stint in Glee playing Blaine Anderson’s older brother. Alex Pettyfer was super cute in I Am Number Four (why do I even admit to have seen the movie? It was a pretty bad movie!) Anyway in Magic Mike he just looked like he hadn’t washed his hair and his beard was seriously gross. And don’t even get me started on that dude with the long hair – eww! For many girls Matthew McConaughey is the epitome of hotness, but I’m not one of those girls. I’ve always found him funny looking and I’m not fond of sweaty curly and slightly long hair. Which leads me to Channing Tatum. He is the only one I don’t find it hard to look at in this movie.


One redeeming thing is all the costumes they wear. What girl doesn’t like men in uniforms? I certainly do – and I’m not afraid to admit in cyberspace, but I probably wouldn’t if my someone asked me in real life.

Anyway looks isn’t everything, but I have to say the acting was pretty bad as well – not that Adam, Joe, Matt nor the dude with long hair had much to do which is a shame because I actually find Matt and Joe descent actors and both are a joy to see in their various roles. What bothered me the most was the actress portraying Alex Pettyfer’s sister in the movie – she can’t act even if her life depended on it. It’s a liability because she plays a huge part. Oh, she and Channing Tatum had no chemistry at all. I think he would have more chemistry with a cardboard box.


The main problem with the movie isn’t the acting, but the directing. I love Steven Soderbergh’s movies, Erin Brockovich and the Ocean’s Elven trilogy. The whole movie is yellow! And I’m not that fond of yellow. It was the same feeling I had with the first Twilight movie where the whole thing was blue.

I don’t think it’s a movie I’m going to rewatch.

All in all I’d recommend watching The Full Monty instead of Magic Mike. It’s a classic and much more enjoyable to watch.

Disclaimer: All Pictures belong to their respective owners.