Has Muse gone downhill?

N.B.: This was originally published in 2012, but the post weren’t imported from Tumblr to WordPress like it was supposed to.

I have followed Muse and their career on the sidelines since 2005 or 2006. An old friend of mine introduced me to the band through numbers like “Times is Running Out”, “Plug in Baby”, “Stockholm Syndrome”, “Muscle Museum” and last but not least “Butterflies and Hurricanes”. I instantly fell in love with this new sound (as it was to me), before that I heard mostly pop music like Savage Garden and Backstreet Boys.

200px-Muse_logo.svgI won’t point any fingers because since “Black Holes and Revelations” they slowly moved away from their old sound. This was just leading up to “The Resistance”, which was a train wreck without a doubt. I wonder if they made this album to appease the fans they have gotten since “Supermassive Black Hole” appeared in The Twilight Saga: Twilight. “Neutron Star Collusion” reminds me of the sound from “The Resistance” – and that song is just filled with cliches in my opinion – however the theme might fit well with “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. I just don’t like it.

I really don’t know why I still like the band. I don’t really like their newest album at all. I adore Queen – and oh my so does Matthew Bellamy apparently too. “The 2nd Law” and “The Resistance” reminds me of Queen and why no one can ever come close to being as good as them. I think I would have liked if Muse had stuck with their old sound – and not become so wishy-washy.