Summer trip to Øm Abbey

N.B.: This was originally published in 2012, but the post weren’t imported from Tumblr to WordPress like it was supposed to.

Last Saturday I went to see Øm Abbey with my father. We both love history. It was amazing to see this abbey even though it was mostly ruins. The museum which was attached to the ruins was very enlightening. It told the story of how the Abbey was built and how the daily life was. In the following there is a brief survey of important events in the Abbey history. The following is from a Danish encyclopaedia with a little help from the English Wikipedia article about Øm Abbey.

The Abbey was founded in 1172 by  Cistercian monks from Vitskøl Abbey in northern Jutland. The monks settled on a land near the town of Rye between the lakes; Moss Lake and Guden Lake surrounded by water and marsh. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was called: “Cara Insula” (“dear Island”). The Øm Abbey Chronicle was written by local monks from 1206 to 1267 when it abruptly ends. It outlines events at the abbey during the tumultuous years of the early 13th century.

Bishop Svend of Aarhus transferred many of his own holdings to Øm Abbey and then retired there to live out his days among the monks. Abbot Michael, the twelfth abbot, was buried in the chapter room in the unfinished church. Bishop Peder Elafssen of Aarhus was buried in the church in 1246, years before it was completed.

At its height in the late 15th century, the abbey consisted of the church, hospital and hospital cemetery, library, chapter house, refectory, dormitory, cloister and cloister garden, and a guest house. The abbey measured approximately 120 meters by 80 meters. It was one of Denmark’s richest houses with land holdings, mills, and a well-recognized hospital. Cistercians were excellent farmers and over time the abbey came into possession of many properties which brought additional income and prestige.

One of the important improvement the monks made to the site was to build three canals. Brother Martin discovered that Moss Lake was about a cubit higher than Lake Guden. The monks used that difference to build two canals near the abbey, one to bring fresh water to the abbey and a second to serve as a primitive sewerage system. The third canal built farther away from the abbey connected the two lakes and was used to transport goods through the lake region.

The nature surrounding the Abbey was just beautiful. Well, it helped that the weather was nice. Here are some pictures from the trip.

There was a little garden filled with herbs and plants the monks used in their food, curing illness and things like that. There were some poisonous plants in the garden.


Spurvfulgdalens Olivia

I lørdags var vi Herning til Dansk Kennel Klubs hundeudstilling. Vi havde tilmeldt Spurvfulgdalens Olivia i brugsklasse. Hun var den eneste tæve og den eneste hund i klassen. Der var kun 4 pointere udover hende tilmeldt blandt andet hendes kuld bror Oskar. Hun var godt nok træt efter turen i ringen. Sådan så hun ud efter at have været i ringen:

Det gik over al forventning idet hun fik EXCL 1. vinder CK Cert BIK1 BIR. Så nu er hun blevet optaget i Dansk Pointer Klubs eliteavlsregister i en alder af 26 måneder.

Efterfølgende besøgte vi Hal G hvor min veninde var. De havde også en hund med til udstillingen, godt nok en anden race, men her blev hun lige pludselig den lille fordi her vrimlede det med Grand Danois, Mastiffer og Berner Sennen.

September 11th 2001 – 12 years After

I’m living across the big pond also known as the Atlantic Ocean and therefore September 11th 2001 hasn’t been in my mind for a long time – until they mentioned it in the news today. Like most people I remember exactly where I was that awful day.

12 years ago I was 13 or 14 years old and I had just come home from school and turned on the television. The local channels were always having reruns of old American TV-shows. Curiously I don’t remember what kind of TV-shows I saw 12 years ago. Anyway the first picture I see is a plane hitting the first tower of World Trade Centre. I believe I saw when the second tower was hit live on television. My dad came home an hour later and neither of us left the living room for the next couple of hours until my mom came home. Essentially all three of us were glued to the television the rest of the day.

I already mentioned me not living in America, but because I come from a relatively small country and America is a huge nation with great influence on us it was only naturally that both the national television station and the one funded by commercials transmitted live from America – I believe it was a mix of BBC World, CNN and their own correspondents.

Well, this day pass on in history as a day everyone remember. People always know where they were and what they were doing. It’s like when JFK was shot in Dallas. That was a day were time stood still and the earth stopped spinning. 

Chocolate Muffins

I baked chocolate muffins Saturday night because I really craved something sweet! I didn’t have a recipe on chocolate muffins so I went on Google and found one – which I can recommend! Anyway I decided to substitute some of the sugar with artificial sweetener since my dad has diabetes and I generally prefer sugar free products. My mom on the other hand isn’t crazy about sweets or cakes – she prefers scones or something like that instead. Oh boy my dad was happy when I gave him some muffins earlier today. The conclusion is both my dad and I have sweet teeth.

I love to bake – both cakes and scones. Just not that often I find reasons to bake – sadly.

Before the forms were filled:

After they were filled:

 And finally they’re finished:

I’m sorry if the quality of the pictures aren’t that good. My phone doesn’t really have a great camera!

Oh the recipe is going to be in Danish since I don’t have the time to translate it.

Chokolade Muffins (40 stk.)
190 g. smør
450 g. sukker
4½ tsk. vanillesukker/vanilla
¾ l. kærnemælk
8 spsk. kakao
600 g. mel
3 tsk. natron
150 g. chokolade
lidt salt – ca. ¼ tsk
  • Pisk smør, sukker og vanille rigtig godt sammen.
  • Tilsæt kærnemælk, kakao, mel og natron og pisk til dejen er ensartet.
  • Hak chokoladen groft og vend den i lidt mel- så synker den ikke til bunds. 
  • Vend den i dejen.
  • Fordel dejen i muffinsforme. Fyld kun halvt op, da de hæver flot- dejen er meget tung. 
  • Sæt formene i en muffinbageform så dejen ikke flyder ud.
  • Bag dem ved 175 grader i ca. 20 min. Lad dem afkøle.

 Kagerne kan fryses.
I øvrigt kan jeg anbefale hvor opskriften er hentet.

Christmas Store in Prague

My parents just came home from their vacation earlier today. The last leg of their vacation was spend in Prague. While there they visited a store full of Christmas ornaments – it was located in The Old Town.

This picture is taken from Google, but I could have used the picture my mom took because they are almost identical.

I’m desperately seeking the name of the store since I’m planning on visiting it when I travel to Prague sometime.