7 and: 6 Days of Christmas – Harry Potter Style

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update my blog the past two days. I had an exams paper to write.

December 17th 2014

The Riddle;

The answer is Luna Lovegood – of course! I love that Harry asked Luna to the party,

December 18th 2014

The Riddle: 

The answer is appiration.

8 Days of Christmas – Harry Potter Style

The new riddle on Pottermore. I like this more and more. Not only are the riddle beautiful, but the pictures are stunning.

The Riddle:

The answer was fairly easy. I remembered it was Professor Snape – and I tried Professor Dumbledore. First time I tried I got it right! Yeah!

12 Days of Christmas – Harry Potter Style

Something big is happening on Pottermore these days. J.K. Rowling have made some sort of advent calendar for the last 12 days before Christmas. Each day a new riddle will appear and when solved, it gives access to new material. It’s like the Christmas song 12 days of Christmas – you just don’t have to remember the right number of Partridges in a Pear Tree nor how many turtle doves “my true love send to me”.

The Riddle:

Curtsy Of Pottermore


The keyword is potions master thus Severus Snape, Snape nor Snivellus will not work. Trust me I tried! The answer is therefore Professor Snape.