A Game of Thrones

N.B.: This was originally published in 2012, but the post weren’t imported from Tumblr to WordPress like it was supposed to.

I just started reading the books behind the TV-series. I like the way George R.R. Martin is writing although it was a little hard to get through because the first season follows the book very closely. I haven’t seen the second season yet. But I’ve been spoiled – and I know the basic plot lines. Unfortunately! However I have only one to thank for that – and it’s myself.

game-of-thrones-cover-imageThey are very rough and grim to read. Lots of torture and stuff like that. However I already knew that because of the TV-series. And I’ve heard it only gets worse in the later books…so I’m a little vary of continuing; I have never liked gore and torture much which is ironic because I have read most of the books by Stephen King.

I can’t say who my favorite character is; Jon Snow is the closet to being it. I kind of like him; he is the outcast among the Stark children and I’m looking forward to the reveal of who his mother is. It’s all very mysterious! Oh and Ghost is just awesome!

I’m so looking forward to read A Clash of Kings and the rest of the books. I have borrowed them from a friend and that means I can have them as long as I want.

I don’t particularly like the Lannisters. It’s a Danish actor (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) who portrays Jaime Lannister, so I’ll give him a chance.. I’ve heard he is redeeming himself in later books. I just felt so sick when Jaime Lannister pushed Bran out the window. Tthe actor seems very nice in interviews and stuff like that. He is a very gifted actor and better looking than Mads Mikkelsen.

War Horse

N.B.: This was originally published in 2012, but the post weren’t imported from Tumblr to WordPress like it was supposed to.

I just finished reading the book, War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. I never once thought the novel would be written from Joey’s point of view; that was very clever move the author made because it made it more “real” somehow than if it had been written from Albert’s point of view.

I saw the movie before I read the novel which (in this case) wasn’t bad at all. The movie follows the novel quite closely considering it’s hard adapting a novel to the big screen.

I’m just wondering if the German deserters (the two young boys) were made up for the movie – because they didn’t seem to appear in the book at all. I could be mistaken because the events went by quite fast in the novel compared to the movie.

Anyway this novel has become of my favorite novels of all time. It’s sweet and I like there isn’t a token romance between Albert and Emilie!

A romance would have ruind everything because in the end the story is about a boy’s love for this horse.Anyway I will highly recommend both the novel and the movie.

Anne of the Green Gables – Books vs. Movies (1985 and 1987)

I read the books about Anne Shirley years ago when I was a young girl and I remember the movies (Anne Of The Green Gables, Anne Of The Green Gables – The Sequel and the dreadful third movie I refuse to name) being aired during the Christmas Holidays where in Denmark (where I live). It was cut into “episodes” so the week between Christmas and New Year I spend an hour a day watching this. I’ve only seen the third movie once many years ago while I’ve seen the two first several times. I bought them in a box set some years go (which unfortunately included the third movie).

As I’ve grown older I have become more aware of the blatant omission of some things in the books which I find very unfortunate and regretful looking back. My favorite books are

Anne Of The Green Gables,Anne Of Avonleaand/or Anne Of The Island  is in no particular order. Though I’m extremely fond ofAnne Of The Island and I’m actually really disappointed that Anne’s time at Redmond College never made into the first or second movie.

The first movie is based fairly accurately on the first book while the second movie run fast and loose with the two following books. Below I’ve made at comparison of the book and the first movie.

Movie (1985)
– Anne is 12 years old.
– There is a ”trial period” for Marilla and Matthew to decide if they will keep Anne in the film.
– Anne meets Gilbert at a Picnic.
– Josie’s dare, Gilbert and the other boys are there and it is said to be at Moody’s house.
– Only the girls are there and it is at Diana’s house.Anne and Diana go through the Haunted Woods with Anne’s injured ankle.
– The Allan’s show up much earlier in the movie.The Allan’s show up much later in the book.
– Anne goes to a ball with Diana and Aunt Josephine.
– Diana goes with Anne for the latter Queens Exam.
– The Lily Maid scene comes up much later in the movie.
– They did not know the scores for the Queen Exam yet.Gilbert tells Anne they tied on the Queens Exam.
– Those scenes with Gilbert and Anne talking were made up after he tried
to apologize to Anne but she vowed never to speak to him again.
– Anne recites, “The Highwayman” at the concert in White Sands.
– The Movie ended with Gilbert leading Anne back to Green Gables after confirming he gave up the School in Avonlea.

Book (1908)
Anne is 11 years old.
There is no “trial period” for Marilla and Matthew to decide if they will keep Anne in the book.
– Anne meets Gilbert at school.Anne takes on.
– Anne takes on Josie’s dare.
– No injury.
– Only Anne braves the woods late in the evening to retrieve a pattern from Mrs. Barry.
– Anne goes to a concert with Diana and Aunt Josephine.
– The event with Diana going with Anne for her Queens Exam doesn’t happen in the books.
– The Lily Maid scene comes up much earlier in the book. Also, no “fishing for lake trout” comment in the book.
– Diana tells Anne tied with Gilbert on the Queen’s Exam.
– Anne and Gilbert were not on speaking terms until they meet together,
after Anne leaves Matthew’s grave and she heard news that Gilbert gave
up the Avonlea School for her benefit.
– Anne recites, “The Maidens Vow” at the concert in White Sands.
– In the book, it ends with Anne in her Bedroom contemplating her future

As you can see there aren’t many differences between the movie and book. This is the reason why I think this is the best movie of the lot. I know it’s impossible to adapt everything from a book when making a movie. And I’m absolutely fine fine with how the different directors of Harry Potter and Peter Jackson have made their movies.

I really want to make something similar for the second movie and the three books it covers, but I don’t have time to do it right now.

It will however be pointless to try to do something like this with the third movie because it’s an original story/screen play which throws out the later books of The Green Gables series (Anne’s House Of Dreams, Anne Of Ingleside, Rainbow Valley & Rilla Of Ingleside). I can understand why Kevin Sullivan wouldn’t want to adapt the last two books because they really don’t follow Anne (as she is now a grown woman) instead the point of view shifts to her six children and their adventures.

Anne Of The Green Gables Series:
1. Anne Of Green Gables (1908) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
2. Anne Of Avonlea (1909) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
3. Anne Of The Island (1915) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
4. Anne Of Windy Poplars (1936) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
5. Anne’s House of Dreams (1917) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
6. Anne Of Ingleside (1939) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
7. Rainbow Valley (1919) by Lucy Maud Montgomery
8. Rilla Of Ingleside (1921) by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Down River

I’ve just reread an amazing book called Down River. It’s written by John Hart (yeah, not THAT John Hart).

Anyway it’s about a guy, Adam who returns home to the family ranch in North Carolina after a self-imposed exile to New York. He left town after he was acquitted in the murder of a young local boy ( a football hero at his High School) which turned the town against Adam. His stepmother testified against him in court stating she saw him drenched in blood from the boy which caused a rift between him and his father. The father chose to believe his new wife and not his son – no need to say they have a difficult relationship.Waiting for Adam is also his ex-girlfriend, who he also left behind when fleeing to New York even though she was one of the few who believed he was innocent. Now he’s returning after five years because his childhood friend Danny needs help with something.


I strongly recommend it. The plot is well thought off – and I keep getting surprised about the things even though I’ve read it a couple of times before this time. The characters are well written and they develop throughout the story. No one is left behind. John Hart really know how to portray the little city in North Carolina. But it’s the river, which have the biggest role in the story. It’s the one thing it’s all centred around.

Well, I have a fondness of family chronicles which I think this book is as much a crime novel. It’s interesting to see how the generations are acting in relation to the other.

Dead After Ever

I haven’t read the last book in “the Southern Vampire Mysteries” yet. But I’ve read reviews of it and knows the basic plot along with the spoilers of who Sookie sort off ends up with. I can’t say I’m surprised that Charlaine Harris decided on Sam – for the first she has always stated that Sookie would never become a vampire (which leaves out Bill and Eric) and It’s my understanding that Sookie really don’t want to deal with packs (that cuts Alcide from the race of her affections) and I understand Quinn has moved on and got a new girlfriend.

I believe why many are outraged at the ending is because they’ve seen True Blood. True Alexander Skarsgård is kind of good looking and very badass as a vampire. Not another word on True Blood since I really haven’t watched it since the first season; mainly because Alan Ball just took the characters from the novels, but changed them so much that they actually could be renamed because they don’t share many character traits from the characters in the books. No a book shouldn’t be adapted word for word, and creative liberty is fine, but changing the characters to the point of being unrecognisable is no go – at least in my opinion. Oh well, back to the topic.


The first 9 books in the series. I bought a similar collection and that’s how I got hooked.

The Eric in the novels, I really don’t like. He’s manipulating Sookie multiply times like she’s manipulating him. To me, that doesn’t sound like a great relationship at all. Actually I think it’s rather unhealthy. I was happy when her relationship with Bill fell through because I never cared much for the character. I actually rooted for Alcide at one point, but that went away quickly. Never cared much for Calvin Norris (I think his last name is) or Quinn. I found the latter annoying – although both Eric and Bill were more annoying.

I’m not saying Sam is the perfect match, but I recently reread the short story in which they go to his brothers wedding – and it was just so sweet. Yes. I admit I’ve placed my money on Sam from the beginning of Dead Until Dark. I like their friendship and I think CH neglected developing it because of all the stuff with Eric, Bill, fairies and so on which is a shame. That’s probably another reason why many fans aren’t happy with the ending.

I never believed CH would deviate from the choice of not turning Sookie. And therefore I’m in the minority who will probably like the novel when I get around to read it. Another thing I was satisfied with without reading the book is CH didn’t feel pressured by Alan Ball into turning Sookie. I believe she will be changed in the TV-series. It’s refreshing that the heroine stays human – every other novel about vampires changes the heroine/hero at the end.


The Book Cover of the American? Edition of Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris.

I’m a little miffed that the UK website of Amazon doesn’t offer the book with this cover! I have all the other books in the same style as the one above – and it would a shame to not have the last book in the series to match the rest. I actually think it’s a geneius book cover since Sookie has always been the core of the novels. She brought the charm and wits to the books. And I like the sublteness of portraying the guys in her life that way.

The bats represents Eric (Northman) and Bill (Compton) – but why are there three bats depicted?

The dog represents Sam (Merlotte)

The tale of the tiger represents (John) Quinn

And the wolf represents Alcide (Herveaux).

The four of them have had an impact on her life in different ways during her journey through the books. But she started out alone and in some way she ends up alone since it’s my understanding her ending up with Sam – unfortunately – isn’t definite. It’s a shame Jason isn’t represented on the book cover since he’s her brother and he has helped her – in his own ways – through the books.

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