As Different As Day And Night

Ethan Hardy vs. Caleb Knight

I think the Holby Awards 2014 is fan based award given to Casualty and Holby City. I don’t think it has anything to do with the official awards. One thing that is worrying me is how easy it is to win seeing there are 18 categories – some of which is overlapping each other. Why am I interested is this? The reason why I think it’s worth to take a look at is because there are a surprisingly result in regard to the the (feuding) brothers/doctors (Ethan (George Rainsford) and Caleb (Richard Windsor)) in Casualty. It’s a little tricky using these numbers because I don’t know how many fans/people voted in this.

One would think that bad boy Caleb would win over good guy Ethan. However this is surprisingly not the case here.

Casualty Favourite Male  
2nd Ethan Hardy 19.8%
3rd Caleb Knight 12.0%

Casualty Favourite Male All Time
4th Ethan Hardy 7.6%
6th Caleb Knight 6.5%

Favourite Newcomer
2nd Ethan Hardy 19.5%
4th Caleb Knight 10.8%

Best Acting Performance
3rd George Rainsford/ brother war 9.3%
5th Richard Winsor/ brother war 7.2%

Neither have won the first place.And here I thought girls fancied bad boys (yes, I tend to be attracted to them as well), but I’m very happy that Ethan have taken the lead. I can’t really stomach Caleb though his performance (in dealing with his brother’s injuries that is, not the plot revolving around his two former flames (mother and daughter)) in series 29, episode 5 was stellar.

The only category any of them won was:
Favourite Male Doctor
1st Ethan Hardy 25.7%
2nd Caleb Knight 17.7%

Ethan kind of won with a landslide. There’s no doubt who the fans thought is their favorite male doctor. I think so too after having watched him in action. He is intelligent, have good bedside manners,  unflappable (his own words), funny, a little dorky, funny and all in all a good guy. I don’t really get why all the ladies are swooning over Caleb. Well, I do know! It must be the bad boy image he has.

It’s a little strange Casualty haven’t addressed that Ethan almost died. The other characters (Tess, Lilly, Connie and Ash) involved in the car crash have all dealt with their emotions one way or the other, but Ethan hasn’t. Perhaps he is having a delayed reaction to the ordeal or something like that. I guess it could spark a PTSD?

Anyhow I would love to see more about his relationship to Caleb which is more intriguing than the pending relationship with Lilly or Honey (God forbid!). I would love to see more of their background. Why do they have different surnames? How much older is Caleb than Ethan? Why are they so different?

I breached this subject in my last post that these two and Arthur Digby and Harry Tressler (from Holby City) share some of the same characteristics. Arthur and Harry aren’t related – have they even met? So it is possible for characters to be related, but very different.

A little uncanny and spooky

Casualty (1986-) focuses on the professional and personal lives of doctors, nurses and paramedics at Holby City’s Accident and Emergency Department whereas Holby City (1999-) follows the professional and personal lives of surgeons, nurses, other medical ancillary staff at Holby General. Both shows anchors in the “patient(s) of the week”style. They are both being produced by BBC One and is therefore from United Kingdom.

My first introduction to Casualty and Holby City was because of a gay storyline involving Tony Vincent (Lee Warburton) and Ben Saunders (David Paisley). Tony Vincent was a healthcare assistent on Casualty and Ben Saunders was a midwife on Holby City. That was way 2002-2003 though I saw the episodes many years later on Youtube (I think).

For a couple of years I didn’t really follow any storylines until Holby City announced they had cast a new gay character, Dominic Copeland (David Ames) in addition to already established Antonie Mallick (Jimmy Akingbola). I fell in love with the show all over again. Then I started to look episodes of Casualty up because of Daniel Casey (DS Troy in Midsomer Murders) when I found out he had guest stared in it. Which lead me to four characters who are very similar in personalities that it’s almost uncanny. Ethan Hardy (George Rainford), Casualty and Arthur Digby (Rob Ostlere), Holby City + Caleb Knight (Richard Windsor), Casualty and Harry Tressler (Jules Knight), Holby City.

Caleb and Harry basically have the same personality. They are outgoing, adrenaline junkies, bad boys, ladies men and larger than life in general. Just look at how they stand – they ooze confidence and bad boys.


Courtesy of BBC One, Harry Tressler


Curtsey of BBC One, Caleb Knight

On the contrary is Ethan and Arthur who both have a wry sense of humor, awkward around women, bespectacled, studious and very meticulous. Look at their glasses! They’re almost identical. Ethan is a bit more confident and professional than Arthur. But Arthur is a year or two behind Ethan in his education.


Courtesy of BBC One, Arthur Digby


Courtesy of BBC One, Ethan Hardy

What they have in common is that they are excellent doctors who knows what they are doing. This coincidence is hilarious considering Ethan and Caleb are (half-)brothers and Arthur and Harry have no relations at all. The main difference is that Arthur has absolutely no bedside manners! Ethan on the other hand Ethan is a sweetheart and treats patients with respect.

I find it weird/hilarious that the clothes Zoe Hannah (Sunetra Sarker) is wearing to work – tight fitting dresses and high heels. This attire isn’t the most comfortable clothes to wear unless you sit behind a desk all day. Zoe definitely isn’t sitting behind a desk, no she runs around in the ED treating patients. Sometimes I’m afraid her boobs will fall out or that she will twist her foot and need care herself. Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) is almost as bad – at least she is wearing pants and less revealing clothes.

The new character in Casualty Honey Wright (Chelsee Healy) is downright annoying. I remember thinking the same thing about Chelsee’s character Jacinda Barrett in Waterloo Road. I think it’s safe to say that it’s the actress who rubs me the wrong way. I dislike her even more than Zosia March (Camilla Afwedson) from Holby City. I can’t stand Zosia for some reason or another.

By the way Rob Ostlere ties in with my little obsession with Game of Thrones. Remember the “prologue” in the first episode? He plays Waymar Royce, a member of the Night’s Watch and one of the first causalities (ironic?) of many in the series.

A bonus picture for all of you:


Courtsey of HBO, Waymar Royce