My take on Joey and Jack

When I’m looking back at all the couples Dawson’s Creek produced my favorite will always be Joey and Jack. Yes, I know I’m in the minority! However I’m baffled of the lack of screen time they shared after breaking up. I think the actors had great chemistry – only rivaled  by the chemistry Jen and Jack/Joey and Pacey shared.


Joey and Jack’s relationship was cut painfully short – and those episodes containing their relationship and the few episodes where they interact with each other after they break up remain my favorites. I really think the suited each other – far better than any of Joey’s designated love interests (Dawson, Pacey, AJ, Charlie and Eddie). They could really talk as equals, shared some of the same interests and encouraged each other when things went down hill. I consider this to be the most healthy relationship as there were no obsession with each other like Dawson was first obsessed with Jen and later Joey. On top of that I just find them incredible good looking together. Maybe I’m biased since I seriously think Kerr Smith is insanely good looking.

Exhibit A

I actually think the writers should have turned Dawson gay instead of Jack because I would have been perfectly fine with taking him out of the equation – and I’d rather see Joey with Pacey and Jack with Jennifer than any of the girls with Dawson. He was such a cry baby and pitiful to look at. Besides I think he was the weakest link of the whole cast and the character was incredible dull. seriously believe he thought – at times – that the world was revolving around him. He only pursued Joey when it was convenient for him and he was a complete douche in the whole “love triangle” thingy with Joey and Pacey. I can’t believe he asked her to choose between him and Pacey. That’s just so childish! Okay, I’ll stop now before the post is contaminated with Dawson and how much I don’t like him.

Back to the topic, I believe it was a mistake breaking Joey and Jack up for another reason than the others stated above. With Jack Joey was her self – her real self. It was as they were natural together and walls were torn down. I really wished that the had let the relationship play out and yeah, I think that they would have broken up. How many High School relationships lasts when it comes down to it? My guess it that not many do. That way Joey and Pacey maybe could have been endgame as in canon.

Well, that’s my two cents for now.

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