3rd Emmy in a row

Chandler Massey won his 3rd Daytime Emmy Award in a row. Congrats. He was first nominated in 2011, but obviously didn’t win. Took home the trophy in 2012 and 2013 which was well deserved. I don’t think anyone has done that in the Outstanding Younger Actor category except Jonathan Jackson (who is now starring as Avery Barkley on the ABC drama Nashville). He was nominated six times and won 3 Emmys however he didn’t win them in a row since he won in 1995, 1998 and 1999.

Chandler Massey is surely missed at Days of Our Lives. I haven’t really seen it since early January when the last episode with Chandler aired. The new guy isn’t really doing it for me and there is a lack of chemistry between him and Freddie Smith (Sonny).


…And then there was the awkward moment when they showed his successor’s reel instead of the one he submitted.

I’m happy he could joke about it. What an epic fail by the people in charge. Oh I think he was seated all by his lonesome in back (well I guess he had some friends or family with him), but he didn’t sit with the rest of the cast from Days. At least that’s what I could gather from when Eric Martsolf (Brady Black, Days) and Eileen Davidson (Kristen DiMera, Days) rose from their seats to accept their Emmys’ for Outstanding Supporting Actor and Outstanding Lead Actress.

Chandler Massey nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award

The Daytime Emmy Awards 2014 was announced yesterday and to my delight Chandler Massey has been nominated for the fourth time in a row. He has the chance of becoming the first actor to win the award in the Outstanding Younger Actor category in three constructive years in a row. He is nominated for his portrayal of Will Horton on Days of Our Lives which is his breakout performance in the acting world.

I think CM did an amazing job during the first half of 2013. It seemed like he was ready to move on and was getting bored with his material in the last half of 2013. I haven’t seen “the new Will” in action mostly because I lost interest in the show after CM departed.

The others nominated in the Outstanding Younger Actor category is: 
Bryan Craig (General Hospital)
Chad Duell (General Hospital)
Max Ehric (The Young and the Restless)
Daniel Polo (The Young and the Restless)

I don’t know any of these actors except Chad Duell and Max Ehric has been nominated before. I would still put my money on CM though.

Top 3 gay teen couples in soaps

1. Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) & William “Will” Horton (Chandler Massey), Days of Our Lives


This is mostly due to Chandler Massey’s acting abilities and the electric chemistry between him and Freddie Smith. I have seldom seen such chemistry between two actor. I find Will to be the more interesting character of the pair.

2.John Paul “JP” McQueen (James Sutton) & Craig Dean (Guy Burnet), Hollyoaks


Them coming in second is mostly Guy Burnet’s credit since I find him the strongest actor of the two. His character, Craig changed the most over the years (granted I stopped watching after their supposed Sunset Ending) – he went from a fun loving, scheming lone wolf to a complex character with many layers. There’s no doubt James Sutton and Guy Burnet have an amazing chemistry – only second to Chandler and Freddie (see above) and I love how different their characters are.

3. Luciano “Luke” Snyder (Van Hansis) & Noah Mayer (Jake Silbermann) As the World Turns 

I couldn’t find any good pictures of them – and I didn’t have time to put something together myself.

Anyway these two are probably the most famous gay couple in American soap operas because Luke and Noah’s relationship were kind of ground breaking. The reason they end up in third place is because they kind of lack the charm John Paul and Craig have and the electric chemistry of Sonny and Will. Like the two others one actor is stronger than the other. In my opinion it’s Jake Silbermann – especially when his struggling to come out and after the fireworks incident.


By the way is it a coincidence allthe couples on this list consist of a brunette and a blond? Maybe it’s good televison when they have opposite hair colors?

As the World Turns:
Brunettes: Maddie (Alexandra Chando) and Noah
Blonds: Reid Oliver (Eric Sheffer Stevens) and Luke

Days of Our Lives:
Brunettes: Brian Brant Daugherty) and Sonny

Brunettes: Sarah (Loui Bartley) and Craig
Blonds: Hannah (Emma Rigby) and John Paul

Actually the only ones who fall out of this pattern is Gabi (Camila Banus) and Will who are brunette and blond respectively.

Best gay storylines in Soaps

I have been watching different soaps on YouTube – especially featuring gay characters. I’ve seen the stories unfold and unwind between Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis & William “Will” Horton (Days of Our Lives), Luciano “Luke” Snyder & Noah Mayer (As the World Turns) and John Paul McQueen & Craig Dean (Hollyoaks).

What I found most interesting was how different Will, Noah and Craig’s coming out stories was treated in their respective soaps. I’m actually not sure if Craig ever came out since he claims that he’s only gay for John Paul. Anyway my point is to take a look at their stories. The reason I chose these three and not their respective partners is that Sonny and Luke already were out when I started to watch – and John Paul’s coming out was pretty much a non event without many hitches compared to others.

Coming out
Noah came out about 4 months after sharing that kiss with Luke. Actually it came a little out of nowhere that he was gay. I didn’t have an inkling of his sexual orientation until they kissed. It was very random. The first time we saw him struggle was after the kiss other than that he hadn’t even looked Luke’s way.

Will took around 3 months after sharing a kiss with Neil, but had struggled for months with his sexuality. Actually the first signs started to show around the time Sonny arrived in time. He was very awkward around Gabi despite trying to hide it and more at ease hanging out with Chad and Sonny.

Craig never really came out as gay which makes me think, that he is straight and only gay for John Paul. His biggest flaw was stringing two people he claimed to love along. It was nice to see he had matured a bit when he returned a year later.

The Aftermath
Noah had problems being seen in public holding hands much to Luke’s exasperation – he was afraid of being marked as gay since he was raised in the military by a conservative father.

Craig couldn’t wrap his mind around liking both John Paul and Sarah – and ended up two timing them both. In the end he ended up alone since his relationship with John Paul didn’t last because Craig couldn’t kiss him in the airport. I actually don’t understand JP’s reasoning here since he had a longer time getting used to be gay and even had a public relationship with Spike whereas Craig only just came out to his family and whole town by proxy. It was still very new to him and he didn’t really have time to adjust.

Will was outed in the newspaper in an effort to clear himself for murder charges. Lucky he managed to tell his parents first! By the way that plot doesn’t make any sense at all – not just the stuff about Will, but everything. Anyhow Will was the one most at ease with his sexuality after he came out. I firmly believe it wasn’t because he was trying to make himself straight that he slept with Gabi, but because he thought Sonny had moved on. His reaction actually mirrors what heterosexuals would do in the same situation.

All three actors really have some mad acting skills to pull off their storylines. One thing they all three have in common is the way their eyes express every feeling their characters are feeling. It’s quite remarkable in my opinion to be able to that.

All three characters had girlfriends before coming out which were tackled much differently depending on the show.

Noah and Maddie dated for a month or so before he came out, but they did manage to sleep together. They had more chemistry than him and Luke had. Perhaps it was because they shared so many interests and finished each other’s sentences. I don’t know. Maddie was hurt though she graciously pushed Noah and Luke towards each other and in the end she remained friends with both.

Craig and Sarah dated for around 6 months before his affair with John Paul were exposed at their engagement party. Sarah was more mad than anything else at Craig which is totally understandable – she did catch him in bed with his best friend of all people.

Will and Gabi by far had the longest relationship of them all since they broke up shortly before their 1 year anniversary and they were high school sweethearts whose romance were shot to hell when Will withdrew from any intimacy with her. Gabi ended her relationship with Will long before he officially came out, but was somewhat supportive after being told.

Noah’s father, Col. Mayer was homophobic and killed his mother leaving Noah alone in the world except for an estranged aunt who didn’t even called back when Luke left a message after the fireworks accident. The support he didn’t get from his own family, he gotin spades from Luke’s huge family, who took him in as one of their own. Though he felt uncomfortable with this fact after he became blind since he didn’t want to rely on the for all eternity. had to deal with his homophobic father who didn’t understand why his son could be gay.

Craig’s brother, Jake hurled homophobic slurs at him and his mother, Frankie was less supportive at first. Luckily for Craig his stepfather Jack, stepbrother Darren and sister Steph were totally cool with him liking John Paul. It really was a shame Craig only managed to be out for a week before he left for Dublin.

Will’s grandmothers were awesome – both Kate and Marlena had suspicions for a long time. The former took a direct approach to the subject much to his horror while the latter was more subtle and respecting his wishes, Marlena was his rock during his struggle much to both Kate and his mother’s horror. His father, Lucas supported him in theory of being gay, but when he acted on it and started kissing in public Lucas’ wasn’t a happy camper. His mother’s, Sami reaction really pale in comparison with col. Mayer (see above) it wasn’t cool walking out of the situation leaving a heartbroken Will behind. However she redeemed herself in time. In the end Will got all the support in the world from his rather large family.

Neither Noah or Craig had many friends. Many of the people surrounding Noah were Luke’s friends and Craig was a lone wolf up until he became best mates with John Paul.

Will on the other hand had many friends who all supported him – well almost everyone. Tad came around in the end after spewing homophobic slurs at both him and Sonny because “happy is good.” Abigail, Chad and to some extent Gabi were all supportive. Though I would be a little pissed if I was Chad since he had to learn about Will’s sexuality through the newspaper.

William “Will” Horton (Chandler Massey), Days of Our Lives
This was a no-brainer for me – and what makes it so easy for me to pick this one as my #1 is the fact Chandler Massey hands down is the best actor on this list.

He knocked it out of the park in his scenes especially in regard to his “coming out” storyline, “the blackmail” plot involving E.J (James Scott) and “the who shot Stefano?” farce. He really got to show off his mad acting skills – and the fact he never wavered when going up against different veteran soap stars and holding his ground fabulously. Beside he had undeniable chemistry with most of the cast. Not only with his love interests, but in particular with Casey Deirick (Chad DiMera), James Scott (E.J. DiMera) and Diedre Hall (Marlena Evans). However nothing compares to his chemistry with Freddie Smith (Sonny).

Chandler Massey has a killer smile, the most beautiful blue eyes and a massive amount of charm that can’t be bought for money.

Noah Mayer (Jake Silberman), As the World Turns
I find Jake Silberman to be a much better actor than Van Hansis (Luke Snyder) in my opinion. Not only did I find his character much more interesting all in all. I think the writers waisted his character by almost writing him out during the last 8-9 months the show aired. I never cared much for Reid Oliver (I would have called the character Oliver Reid if it was up to me – it sounds much better).

Anyway I really liked his story being a military brat and travelled the world with his father. Though his father probably won’t win the father of the year award any time soon. I think giving Noah this past is making him way more interesting than Luke. It also helps that I find him really charming and he’s really good looking. His chemistry with Van Hansis isn’t that great in my opinion. I don’t see their chemistry like the one between Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith. Actually I thought Jake Silberman had more chemistry with the actress portraying Maddie which can’t be good – or can it?

Craig Dean (Guy Burnet), Hollyoaks
Oh my God. That accent is to die for! I find the different English dialects much more endearing than its American counterpart in general. I can’t believe people bitching about not understanding what they say on YouTube. Enough of my rant and back to the topic.

Guy Burnett is an exceptional actor and I really admire his acting since he’s the one who felt most uncomfortable playing a gay character of the lot. His chemistry with James Sutton (John Paul McQueen) is likewise  great and so is his chemistry with the actress playing his sister Steph.

Sonny and Will, Days of Our Lives

So help me God! I’ve started watching Days of Our Lives or at least clips portraying Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) and William “Will” Horton’s (Chandler Massey) relationship.


Left: Chandler Massey as William “Will” Horton. Right: Freddie Smith as Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis

I started with the episode that aired on June 23rd 2011 which were the former’s first episode and ended my watching on January 2nd 2014 on the latter’s last episode. In addition to this I managed to find the episodes featuring CM before FS joined the cast.

Okay, I think it’s sad to say that this is the best portrayal of gays I’ve seen on television excluding Queer as Folk. I would never have imagined that such a gem would be hidden in a soap opera. With that being said I’d like to break down some stuff I’ve been wondering about – especially plot wise and characters.


“Like Sands Through the Hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives”

The title card and voice over is sooo cheesy! But I kind of like it.


Will realizes the jig is up

1. The Baby Plot
I initially didn’t think the writers should have gone that way, but since it’s a soap it was inevitable. I don’t believe Will would have slept with Gabi (Camila Banus) since he is gay. Okay, I know they were both in a bad place that night. It just doesn’t make sense he would sleep with her after he came out as gay. Why not hook up with Neil (Jesse Kristofferson)? or another gay guy? And Gabi knew he was gay when she slept with him this time! Jesus, she could easily have found someone else to sleep with as well, who was straight.

With that being said I was excited to see Gabi going straight to him instead of lying off the bat when she found out she was pregnant. Lying about the paternity is one of the most common plot devices in soaps. Will himself is actually a victim of this since his mom lied about who his real dad was until he was around two years old.


A rare smile

Anyway I admire her courage of coming forward to her very much gay ex-boyfriend, but this is where my admiration ends in regards to Gabi. She’s so easy to manipulate and rolls over without any objections or hesitation. This can best be seen in her relationship with Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) which is totally screwed up and they are not equal partners. I get that he is this older guy who is willing to take responsibility for another guy’s baby and that must seem attractive to most women. As their relationship went on it became clear to me that if Nick asked her to jump, she certainly would answer “how high?”

Call me cynical, but I actually wished Gabi aborted the child in February 2013. If that had happened then the rest of this dreadful plot wouldn’t have happened in my opinion.

I have a strong dislike for Nick. He’s got some serious issues to work through, he is way too possessive of Gabi, he’s a control freak which isn’t healthy – at all and he’s too cocky for my liking. Besides the bug he planted in Will’s backpack wouldn’t fly in real life in my opinion. He seriously needs psychiatric help, but not from Marlena (Diedre Hall). I couldn’t find it to forgive him for his actions when it was revealed he was raped in prison because of all the pain he had inflicted on Will.


Before becoming a couple

What irks me the most in this hot mess is that it seems all the Hortons are taking Nick’s side in the whole debacle not realizing Will is as much family to them as Nick. In fact they are second cousins – Will is the son of Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), who is the son of Bill. Bill is the brother of Marie who is the mother of Jessica, who is the mother of Nick. Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) really tested my nerves in this. I actually believe Abigail (Kate Mansi) and JJ (Casey Moss) are the only ones in their corner except Lucas – must be because they are cousins with both Sonny and Will.

Will should never have let Nick blackmail him because I doubt EJ (James Scott) would file charges against him since it would ruin the latter’s relationship to Sami (Alison Sweeney) and besides Will is the half-brother of EJ’s two children. If Will hadn’t agreed to sweep his paternity under the rug a lot could have been avoided. I understand he was afraid of losing Sonny, but that doesn’t justify it. Gabi claims to be Will’s best friend, but what kind of best friend is she? She choose her boyfriend over the father of her baby – there’s something serious wrong with this.


Technically their second kiss

No Sonny is probably Will’s best  friend at this point and has been for a long time. Will should actually seek to get joint custody of Ari – that way Gabi can’t just up and leave. Besides Will’s name on the birth certificate  – that should mean something, right? It should trump Nick’s claims in court. Nick is a convicted murderer albeit having served his sentence and who in their right mind would give him custody of Ari over Will, who besides attempting to kill EJ, is a model citizen.

I don’t get how the actor who plays Nick can go through with it since I’ve been reading around the Internet and found Nick is serious disliked by fans. I know from I’ve read Nick really isn’t dead after all and have now arisen from the dead to wreck more havoc in Will’s life. And that Gabi has once again fallen under his spell. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins a Daytime Emmy Award this year for the role because he serious got some mad acting skills.

2. Sonny and his double standards


First attempt to have sex

At the beginning of their relationship they decided not to keep any secrets between them. Well, that didn’t go well since Will lied to Sonny about Gabi and the baby. That secret unraveled at Gabi and Nick’s wedding curtsy of Chad. Sonny (reluctantly) broke up with Will because he couldn’t trust Will. A month later they get back together and Will wisely fesses up to shooting EJ in the back instead of Lucas.

This doesn’t sit well with me because Will has laid all the cards on the table albeit a little reluctant and Sonny is still desperately holding on to the key of gaining custody over Ari. He knows what Gabi did to Melanie and Chad because the latter told him. This is the reason why Chad shot her wedding to hell in the first place and forced Will to reveal he was the father of Gabi’s baby. This is a big secret – as big as the ones Will has held. Right now Sonny is protecting Gabi and Chad. I know Chad could go to prison for the assault on Nick, but I still believe it’s a necessary sacrifice if Sonny wants to keep his relationship to Will. I believe this could be the beginning of the end for their relationship when Will finds out. He’s going to see it as a major betrayal. Coming forward with this would prove Gabi is a conniving bitch who isn’t fit to be a mother.

I have been reading scripts of the show which mean I have had access to what the other characters were up to while I was in WilSon land. Anyway I just figured out that EJ AND Sami also knows what Gabi did to Melanie and Chad. Jesus fucking Christ (pardon my French). This is bad! When this secret comes out Will is going off the rails. I just hope his awesome grandmother Marlena is there to pick up the pieces because he will have a hard time forgiving Sami for this. I’m pretty furious with this whole secret. Will deserves to know.


Remember when Will had a backbone?

3.  William Robert “Will” Horton
Will Horton has carried the idiot ball for the better part of 2 months after learning Gabi was pregnant with his baby in November 2012. I partially blame the network for this misfortune since they fired the excellent writers who wrote his “coming out” storyline in 2011. The new writers stripped Will his confidence and swag he had previously gained when working for EJ. Instead he became a naive wimp without a backbone. His ability to see the good in people is admirable, but it seriously blinded him in regards to Gabi and Nick’s intentions. Maybe it’s not unlike how some of the other family members viewed them.

Actually the storyline with E.J (James Scott) and all the blackmail was the most exciting part sans Will’s struggles with his feelings for guys. I would have loved to see this relationship evolve – not necessarily to something romantic, but it was a joy watching the scenes between CM and JS. They were very exciting to watch. It was great seeing E.J. and Will become some sort of friends during these months. Not to mention Sonny would have a worked great as a foil to Will’s bad boy persona who delved deeper into the DiMera business. Sonny could have been Will’s moral compass. Instead Will was thrust into the awful baby plot and the writers decided to go the easy way.

Everyone tried to warn him when the truth came out for at least two months before he finally figured out the reason why Nick wanted him out of the Ari’s life wasn’t because of Sami, but because he was gay. Just about everyone including Justin and Sonny urged him to see a lawyer about the custody issue – and he ignored them. Lucas knew almost from the get-go that it was Nick who was behind the blackmail. EJ and Sami also tried to get through to him – to no avail. In the end it was Sonny who made him see the light after Will had been blackmailed by Nick into giving up his parental rights to Ari.

I’m furious of how his character has been treated. It hurt so much to watch him being run over by Gabi and Nick – maybe Chandler Massey was wise when he wanted to leave this trainwreck the character Will has become. The “old” Will would never have let things go this far – remember he had a backbone when he worked for EJ? Actually the character was much more likeable pre November 2012.

4. Who Shot Stefano?
I don’t understand the plot because everyone knew he’d somehow survive. There’s a reason why he’s called “The Pheonix” – it rises from the ashes again and again in all eternity – just like Stefano DiMera.,


Where’s my gun?

8 people want to kill him. Motive?

Marlena, John (Drake Hogestyn), Hope and Bo (Peter Reckell) wants revenge for what he had done to them. Brainwashing Hope and John and rigging the safe house which ultimately blew up.

Kate (Lauren Koslow): Angered about the clause in her divorce from Stefano stripping her the position at Countess Wilhelmina and him controlling her life.

Abe (James Reynolds): Revenge for what Stefano did to his wife, Lexie, who is Stefano’s daughter.

EJ: Stefano forced Will to tell Rafe about EJ and Sami’s grief sex leading to Nicole divorcing him.

Will: Angered over the loss of EJ’s friendship, the loss of his job, his apartment and for “killing”



Will watches Sami and EJ having “grief sex”

Abe forgot his gun at the DiMera mansion and subsequently all the other seven suspects pick it up. Eight different fingerprints on the murder weapon sending the forensic specialists on overtime. In the end Will was arrested because he didn’t pass the gun residue test they all took. He had fired a gun that night, just not the murder weapon, but the gun he had bought.

Anyway Neil came forward giving Will an alibi which he confirms after being pushed by EJ to tell the truth. I get that Will was reluctant revealing his alibi because it would sure make him front page news in the papers thus outing him very public. What I don’t get is Will apparently went to the Spot (a gay bar) soaked to the core by the rain! How could he possible go out all night being wet without getting sick the day after. Even if he did go home to change clothes after confronting Stefano, there’s another problem not addressed; could anyone confirm his whereabouts from leaving the DiMera Mansion to arriving at the Spot with Neil. It doesn’t make sense to me! I wish someone could explain all this to me.

5. Neil and Will


Will’s first kiss with a guy

Neil is such an underutilized character! Damn the kiss between him and Will was hot. I actually think it was kind of random him showing up at the police station several weeks after their kiss to give Will an alibi. It smells like the writers needed some kind of twist making sure Will wouldn’t land in jail. Are we supposed to believe Will have been hanging out with Neil since their kiss? No one has ever addressed this on the show – not even in conversations between Sonny and Will. Okay, Will might have had a lot on his plate, but Neil showing up was as I wrote, random. And then he simply disappears again. It’s a shame he never appeared more like Brian (Brant Daugherty). He could have been a great foil to Brian since the latter was very interested in Sonny and Neil was interested in Will. Sonny and Will aren’t star crossed lovers for nothing. And this would have been so much better than the baby plot.

6. Marlena and Will


Diedre Hall & Chandler Massey

One of the things the TV-show got right was portraying Marlena and Will’s relationship. Marlena is

Will’s maternal grandmother though she prefers not to be referred like this in public. I simply adore them together. Their scenes literary steal the show compared to interactions between other characters.

I think DH was brought back to help with Will’s coming out storyline since Marlena is a psychiatrist and let’s face it neither Sami nor Kate would be the right person to talk to in his hour of need.

Will is lucky to have her to lean on. Maybe that’s why it was so heartbreaking for him learning of her supposed death. She was the one constant in his life which actually is solified by him visiting Marlena and John when they all lived in Switzerland for an extended period of time. And Will was the one who kept them updated on what happened in Salem after he returned. They have a special relationship and it’s so heartwarming seeing them together.

Though she wouldn’t behave like a psychiatrist when talking to him. I speak from experience since my mom is a psychologist and she never wants to hear about my problems as one, but as my mom. Granted it’s difficult since I have a hard time decaffeinating my Mom whenever I talk to her! She slips in and out of her role as a psychologist.


Second attempt to have sex

I don’t really want to hear my own grandma (if she was alive) call me delicious! I love Marlena put

everything aside when Will needed someone to talk to – and I love how supportive she was – must be a part of her profession. I love their shared passion for Scrabble and I love she taught him to spell.

DH and CM have amazing chemistry and it really shows how comfortable they are around each other. I think that plays a huge part in their popularity – actually CM has electric chemistry with most actors he’s playing against on DOOL (more on that later).

7. Hypocrites
Every single character on this show are hypocrites who call others out on their misdeeds even though they have done much worse things in the past.

A prime example is Sami’s relationship with her mom, Marlena. They don’t get along because Sami blames her mother for cheating on her father with John. Years later Sami cheats on Rafe (Galen Gering) with E.J. and chalk it up to “I was in pain.”



I understand why Will is more than exasperated with his mom at this point and her selfish ways. As Marlena pointed out he has been the parent ever since he was old enough to understand what the word parents meant. Sami and Lucas treated him like a prize which made him bounce back and forth between them during his childhood. The one who had won him had the upper hand and his bag was never unpacked. And I haven’t even mentioned how Sami lied about who his dad was for the first two years of his life.

Another parallel is Will’s paternity was revealed during Sami’s wedding to Austin (Patrick Muldoon) like Ari’s paternity was revealed during Gabi’s wedding to Nick. History is indeed repeating itself.

It’s no wonder the kid have issues with relationships in general. And it’s no surprise he has a had time talking about his feelings since he’s been repressing them for such a long time


After their first time

8. Inbreed Community
I’m actually a little concerned about if Salem is in danger of becoming an inbreed community because it seems there only are five to six families in town and God forbid if they found love outside of those families.

Well, the family relations on the show is seriously messed up! It’s not a soap opera for nothing. More family members than I can count are both cousins, second cousins, dating each other’s exes and having children with said exes.

Sonny and Will are related through Abigail and JJ. Their mother is Will’s father’s half-sister while Sonny’s mother is Abigail’s father’s sister. This makes them Sonny’s cousin and Will’s half-cousin.

The list goes on and on! And it’s more than a little complicated navigating through the jungle of characters since there are over 15 featured prominent on the TV-Show.


Second or  third round?

9. Chandler Massey & Guy Wilson
I really understand why CM won two Daytime Emmy Awards after seeing most episodes in which his character is featured because the guy got some serious mad acting skills. Already back in Febuary 2010 when CM joined Days he knocked it out of the park with sublime acting. At such a young age CM nailed the character of Will perfectly and it was fun to see him interact with other characters like Casey Deirick (Chad DiMera). It’s not easy going head to head with veteran actors like AS, DH, Galen

Gering and JS, but he held his ground.

I need to stress he had electric chemistry with most of his co-stars particularly JS, CD. DH, AS and FS. He apparently had so much chemistry with both JS and CD that fans really wanted to see romantic relationships between Will and either EJ or Chad. It was pretty much unintentional, but nevertheless their chemistry was awesome.


CM’s acting has gotten even better in time as he got to know Will better – and it culminated when he 2nd Daytime Emmy Award, 2013started his coming out storyline in the summer of 2011 – a year and a half after joining Days. I wouldn’t be surprised if he get short-listed once again for the Daytime Emmy Awards 2014 – the question is if he’ll win this time. I believe he deserves it, but so does FS who also submitted a video reel to the committee. If CM wins it’s going to be awkward since the relations between the network and him aren’t the best. Perhaps that will influence the selection and the voting.

I don’t think I’ll keep following DOOL after CM left the show. I’ll probably check in from time to time, but what initially drew me to the show was CM and with him gone there’s nothing left for me besides FS, but it’s just too weird seeing him with another guy. It doesn’t help that Casey Deirick has wrapped up his role as Chad DiMera on the show and Camila Banus is one her way out as well. CD started working on the show shortly before CM joined the cast and CB joined shortly after CM. Oh CHad and Will had more chemistry between them than with their on screen love interests! I wouldn’t mind seeing “Chill” have given it a go. Unfortunately it wasn’t the right time for Will to come out of the closet. In my humble opinion he totally nailed the character of Will and as I said before; he has fabulous chemistry with FS.

Guy Wilson is up for a tough time and has big shoes to fill because fans have had four years to absolutely fall in love with CM and his take on Will. But that’s really not unlike when Dylan Patton was let go and they recast CM in the role of Will. However DP only had a year on the soap whereas CM had four years and three Emmy nominations under his belt – and won two Emmy’s. It was probably a tougher time for the fans when Christopher Gerse was done with DOOL since he had held the role of Will for 5 years or so. However Will was a child back then and probably didn’t have much to do other than say a few lines here and there.


Mistletoe Magic

I actually kind of feel sorry for GW because right now fans is in a transition trying to get used to him.

It probably doesn’t help much that fans really wanted to see CM as Will in his and Sonny’s wedding which apparently will happen sometime this year. Another thing, but that’s totally subjective – I don’t find GW attractive at all – actually he looks a little funny!

GW doesn’t posses the same charm or killer smile as CM does. For me CM will always be Will. There must be a reason why the relationship between Will and Sonny are called Wilson 2.0.

I believe CM was dealt with one of the most harrowing story lines ever (and this comes from a faithful SPN AND Buffy fan) – coming out, dealing with his mom, his baby with Gabi and so on. What comes next for Will is peanuts – or maybe not, but a wedding is a happy thing, right? How much can go wrong except if the whole truth about Nick’s murder comes out or the secret about Gabi, Chad and Melanie is outed.

It was bittersweet seeing the last scenes with CM and FS because they are so cute together. I  wished the writers developing Sonny and Will’s relationship more because we hardly saw them hold hands, kiss or in post-coital bliss in the last months of CM’s stint as Will. I blame the baby plot once again for this misfortune. I was sad to see the send off CM got, it was just him and FS talking by the river. At least we got two kisses between them the day before where they celebrated New Years. And it felt like both actors knew it was it.

The chemistry between FS and CM are one of the best I’ve ever seen. They are literary eye fucking each other in most scenes they share after Will comes out. I’ve never seen anyone sent such smoldering looks at each other – and their personalities seems to fit like a glove. It’s evident the first kissing scenes are a bit awkward, but it would be for anyone in a new relationship. It won’t be long before they surpass other gay couples in Daytime Television like Luke and Noah (As the World Turns) or Kyle and Oliver (One Life to Live) as the most popular or maybe they had the change of becoming this before the network fired CM.


Why did I let Nick blackmail me?

But I do wish CM all the luck in the world. I think it’s a wise choice to finish college because it gives him something to lean on if his showbiz career falls flat. I’ve checked out his band/project with his former co-star Casey Deirick and it sounds awesome!

I can’t help but wonder how awkward the transition between CM and GW was for the other actors since it kind of happened from one day to another. Not much time to get used to working with someone knew. Besides it’s going to be interesting to watch if the other cast members – especially FS – of DOOL speak about this when their contracts is up. No one is willing or able to say anything other than they’ll miss CM terrible, GW is a great actor and he’s going to be a great recast.

Stray Observations
Oh how fair is it that Gabi revived a Christmas ornament and Sonny didn’t? I mean Gabi is only Will’s baby mama after her marriage to Nick fell through while Will and Sonny are in a committed relationship.

Apparently everyone in Salem is addicted to caffeine since all they do is drink coffee! In the beginning they all frequented the Java for their multiple daily fixes – even the teenagers drank a variety of different kinds of coffee. Now it’s Common Grounds that serves as their “go to” coffee house. The only show that rivals this is Gilmore Girls – and they literary couldn’t function without coffee. Not even Beverly Hills 9010’s Peach Pit served this much coffee. I’m a amazed how the teenager could afford drinking all the coffee – and I wonder if Sonny makes any money at Common Grounds since “it’s on the house” line is frequently heard. Actually I wonder how the Brady Pub stays in business do to the same reasons as above.

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