Fernando and David, Física o Química

I just finished watching Física o Química (a Spanish soap opera) albeit I only watched the gay parts which were a hassle to find with English subtitles. Spanish isn’t my strong suit so I really relied on the subtitles.

The Cast of Física o Química

Here is the link – a guide to the time before David (Adrián Rodríguez) arrived following the other half of the couple Fernando (Javier Calvo), moments from season 3, 4, 6 and 7. For some reason season 5 is lost (with English subtitles), but from what I’ve heard we didn’t miss much action except David tried to hook up with his arts teacher, Jorge (Sergio Mur) and Fernando & Yolanda (Andrea Duro) entered an ill-fated relationship completely discarding the fact Fernando is gay and never showed interest in any women.

The most annoying thing with the show is it’s constant casting changes since it’s difficult keeping track of the loads and loads of characters. On the other hand people graduate sometime and new blood is added to the mix. In that regard the soap is pretty realistic in my opinion.

Teachers:The second most annoying thing was killing Fernando off in the third to last episode leaving David behind while paring every heterosexual couple off nicely. Actually the school shooting was a little random and it didn’t really make no sense that no one tried to stop Toño (Víctor Palmero) and it was a little ridiculous that the hallways suddenly was empty whereas before they had been full of passing students and teachers. It was a little convenient that almost the whole principal cast ended up inside the school. Besides shouldn’t there be more causalities in a school shooting? I didn’t really feel that terrified for the characters during the mess because he had only managed to wound one person until he got a hold of Álvaro and shot him somewhere – it wasn’t fatal as far I could tell.

  • Verónica Lebrón (Olivia Molina)
  • Arturo Ochando  (Enrique Arce)

Álvaro (Álex Batllori) – main targetStudents:

  • Jon (Alex Hernandez) – main target
  • Salvador Quintanilla (Alex Martínez)
  • Daniela Vaquero (Lorena Mateo)
  • David Farrán
  • Yolanda Freire Caballar

And who is outside? Conviently enough Veronica’s daughter Teresa Parra (Lucía Ramos), Fernando and Rashid “Román” Lorente (Nasser Saleh), David and Fernando’s roommate is left outside looking in until they device a plan sending Fernando towards an early grave. Ironically Fernando would have survived if Álvaro hadn’t decided trying to be the hero since Toño wouldn’t have shot anyone else.

Anyway  I’ve never cried so much over an ending like the one Física o Química procured which were bittersweet and downright sad. I think I can count them on one hand. The Land Before Time, The Lion King, the series finale of Buffy and during the end credits of the last Harry Potter movie. It was so sad that Fernando and David managed to find away back to each other less than ten minutes before the former’s death. At least they got to kiss on screen twice in their short lived reunion.

Hoy me he dado cuenta del tiempo que he perdido discutiendo contigo, en vez de decirte todo el rato que te quiero […] David, hoy me he dado cuenta del tiempo que he perdido discutiendo contigo en vez de decirte todo el rato que te quiero David, que te quiero, te quiero...“This episode made me believe that Adrían Rodríguez actually is a stronger actor than Javier Calvo because his performance was so raw and I could totally feel David’s pain over losing the love of his life – and that takes some guts to make the audience believe it was real what happened on screen. Though I have to give thumbs up to Javier Calvo for his deliver of Fernando’s final words to David which is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard someone say and I simply have to quote:

In English (loosly translated): ”Today I realized that I lost time arguing with you, instead of telling you all the time I love you […] David , today I realized that I lost time arguing with you instead of telling you all the time I love you David , I love you, I love you ..“  

The third most annoying thing was Borja (Israel Rodríguez), Fernando’s boyfriend in season 6 and the way David’s situation completely spun out of control in the same season. This mess almost ended with the former married to Borja and the latter dead. That suicide attempt David tried to pull was really heartbreaking and I’m happy Jorge talked him out of it. 

The first thing I like is they made David bisexual instead of referring to him as gay when he hooked up and entered a relationship with Fernando. The show acknowledge he had been attracted to girls for the longest time (see the semi nude poster of a woman in his bedroom and him watching straight porn) and not just suddenly turned gay. I’m a firm believer that he is bisexual and he even might enter a relationship with a woman to distance himself from his grief over Fernando’s death.

The second thing I like is they didn’t make Fernando a stereotypically flamboyant gay who wore his feelings on the sleeve. He dressed more daring than David, but that had to do with them being so different which I will discuss below.

The third thing I like is that despite their initial communication issues they actually evolve into a couple who talks about things instead of just bottling them up and then just wait for the inevitable explosion (see El Cor de la Ciutat for a crash course of how not to handle communication issues).

They come from two different worlds – I have a feeling that Fernando comes from a solid middle class home with very modern parents (his words) who accepts him for who he is. He dreams of writing film manuscripts and knows nothing about video games nor sports in general.The two characters I’ve watched thoroughly (Fernando and David) are very different at first glance  which actually don’t deviate much over time. Javier Calvo and Adrían Rodríguez had believable chemistry – not as hot as other on screen couples, but enough to make me believe they really went all in.

Opposites do apparently attract!On the other hand I have a notion that David comes from the upper class. I’m basing this on his parents travels a lot and his grandmother looks after him and he never seems to miss anything in the material department. However he does lack his parents support when he comes out and this might because his parents/family is old fashioned. He mentions an uncle or something who came out and was immediately ostracized and shunned from the family. David is an avid gamer and has taken a shine to different sports which I guess is football (soccer) and basketball. I love this character so much that I’m happy he survived in the end though he lost his boyfriend in the school shooting.

Another thing I’m wondering if David stole Marcos’ pants before he seized all contact to the guy. The reason I’m wondering is because Marcos is seen sporting a pair of very green pants which David is seen in multiply times after Marcos left the show.

By the way Adrían Rodríguez has an amazing voice if one find the right tracks! “Fruit of Paradise” is really bad and doesn’t really showcase his talent. Instead I recommend looking up some other songs he has sung. Angy and him were amazing in the musical within the show they had in season 6 based on Romeo and Juliet.