In defense of Craig Dean

I think people tend to forget that Craig Dean (Guy Burnet) arrived in Hollyokas long before John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) did. These days people only mention the latter when discussing the show’s ground breaking storyline involving the two characters. I get that he is back and Craig isn’t, but that doesn’t really matter to me. Okay, Craig really had bad fashion sense and a bad hairstyle during his first years on the show. They vastly improved over time – and when he returned in 2008 he was smoking hot. The different cardigans he wore during his affair with John Paul were epic – especially the one with giant snowflakes on. I actually thought it was the best one of the lot – and it looked pretty comfy as well.

Craig Dean is a far more complex character than John Paul McQueen in my opinion and it looks like I’m in the minority – yet again. This is not the first time I’m going against the tides and prefer a different character than most people. I could give several examples of this, but it’s not really the place to do so. Anyway I find Craig Dean to be more complex because he went from a fun loving scheming lone wolf to someone who had friends.

Sometimes I actually missed him hanging out with his family – especially Steph (Carly Stenson). This almost went out the window when  John Paul, Hannah (Emma Rigby) and Sarah Barnes (Loui Batley) entered the picture. Some of his best moments came from interacting with his family – looking back to the clips I’ve seen it seems like John Paul interact more with the McQueen’s than Craig does with the Dean’s – maybe it’s because I’ve only watched those clips having a direct connection to the McDean storyline.

Speaking of the Dean family, Jake (Kevin Sacre) was a major ass towards Craig, when the latter started a relationship with John Paul. Craig never wavered in his support for Jake when he ran over Sonny Valentine’s mom or when he started a relationship with Nancy (his dead wife’s sister). No, Jake threw homophobic slurs at him and refused to accept him as he was. Steph on the other hand was totally cool and supported Craig. It was a bit wierd neither Debbie (Jodi Albert) nor Craig showed up to Steph’s wedding and later her funeral. Oh, well that’s soap operas for you!

The Dean Family is almost gone from Hollyoaks as I write this. Debbie was the first to leave, then Johnno (Mark Powley/Colin Wells), followed by Craig, Steph and the last to leave was Jake. Now Frankie (Helen Pearson) is the last Dean standing – not counting Charlie Dean (her supposed grandson). And to precise she was only Dean by marriage and since she remarried after the split from Johnno her name is now Frankie Osborne.

I’m quite happy the writers didn’t turn Craig completely gay, it would have been a little cliché and unbelivable since he clearly was in love with both Natalie and Darlene at some point. However I don’t agree with them not making him bisexual because Craig is in some sort of limbo. He is neither gay, straight nor bi. Then what is he? He is only gay for John Paul and he sums it up pretty well, “It’t not about sexual orientation, but about who you fall in love with.” And he happend to fall in love with a guy.

Many people blame Craig for everything in regard to his failing relationship to both Sarah and John Paul. I think if people watched his scenes with Abby, Natalie and Darlene they would get a different picture of him. They clearly messed with his head – and his dad leaving for a younger woman (same age as Steph, I think?) didn’t help either. The three girls used him for their own benefit taking advanged of a less experienced Craig. I will admit much of the heartache could have been avoided with Craig breaking up with Sarah sooner and stand by his feelings for John Paul. It’s not right to string someone along – and think Craig did it to two people actually kind of makes me quesy in my stomach. Nevertheless he’s still my favorite character on the show.

Curiously enough I wonder why two young men (19 and 20) think a baby can fix their ailing relationship?

Their relationship were kind of doomed from the beginning. First because of Craig and his stupid ideas.Second because of Niall – I think people underestimate his influence on how their relationship went from bad to worse. When Craig returned in Hollyoks Later he admitted to Steph that John Paul wasn’t coping well with the deaths of Kieron and his sister, Tina. I actually believe that John Paul never should have gone to Dublin as Craig’s boyfriend or whatever they were.. He clearly needed time to heal and mourn the loss of two persons he loved. I think their relationship could have lasted if that had happened instead of jumping back into bed together. Then imagine the nosedive their relationship was bound to take when Craig returned to Dublin after nearly being killed Niall and watching his sister being hurt. I get that Niall was John Paul’s long lost half-brother, but that doesn’t make the attack on Tom (Ellis Hollins), Steph and Craig less significant.

So I think trying for a baby was the worst thing they could have done. What they should have done was get some counselling from a professional who knew how to deal with this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they both developed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.


Top 3 gay teen couples in soaps

1. Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) & William “Will” Horton (Chandler Massey), Days of Our Lives


This is mostly due to Chandler Massey’s acting abilities and the electric chemistry between him and Freddie Smith. I have seldom seen such chemistry between two actor. I find Will to be the more interesting character of the pair.

2.John Paul “JP” McQueen (James Sutton) & Craig Dean (Guy Burnet), Hollyoaks


Them coming in second is mostly Guy Burnet’s credit since I find him the strongest actor of the two. His character, Craig changed the most over the years (granted I stopped watching after their supposed Sunset Ending) – he went from a fun loving, scheming lone wolf to a complex character with many layers. There’s no doubt James Sutton and Guy Burnet have an amazing chemistry – only second to Chandler and Freddie (see above) and I love how different their characters are.

3. Luciano “Luke” Snyder (Van Hansis) & Noah Mayer (Jake Silbermann) As the World Turns 

I couldn’t find any good pictures of them – and I didn’t have time to put something together myself.

Anyway these two are probably the most famous gay couple in American soap operas because Luke and Noah’s relationship were kind of ground breaking. The reason they end up in third place is because they kind of lack the charm John Paul and Craig have and the electric chemistry of Sonny and Will. Like the two others one actor is stronger than the other. In my opinion it’s Jake Silbermann – especially when his struggling to come out and after the fireworks incident.


By the way is it a coincidence allthe couples on this list consist of a brunette and a blond? Maybe it’s good televison when they have opposite hair colors?

As the World Turns:
Brunettes: Maddie (Alexandra Chando) and Noah
Blonds: Reid Oliver (Eric Sheffer Stevens) and Luke

Days of Our Lives:
Brunettes: Brian Brant Daugherty) and Sonny

Brunettes: Sarah (Loui Bartley) and Craig
Blonds: Hannah (Emma Rigby) and John Paul

Actually the only ones who fall out of this pattern is Gabi (Camila Banus) and Will who are brunette and blond respectively.

Best gay storylines in Soaps

I have been watching different soaps on YouTube – especially featuring gay characters. I’ve seen the stories unfold and unwind between Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis & William “Will” Horton (Days of Our Lives), Luciano “Luke” Snyder & Noah Mayer (As the World Turns) and John Paul McQueen & Craig Dean (Hollyoaks).

What I found most interesting was how different Will, Noah and Craig’s coming out stories was treated in their respective soaps. I’m actually not sure if Craig ever came out since he claims that he’s only gay for John Paul. Anyway my point is to take a look at their stories. The reason I chose these three and not their respective partners is that Sonny and Luke already were out when I started to watch – and John Paul’s coming out was pretty much a non event without many hitches compared to others.

Coming out
Noah came out about 4 months after sharing that kiss with Luke. Actually it came a little out of nowhere that he was gay. I didn’t have an inkling of his sexual orientation until they kissed. It was very random. The first time we saw him struggle was after the kiss other than that he hadn’t even looked Luke’s way.

Will took around 3 months after sharing a kiss with Neil, but had struggled for months with his sexuality. Actually the first signs started to show around the time Sonny arrived in time. He was very awkward around Gabi despite trying to hide it and more at ease hanging out with Chad and Sonny.

Craig never really came out as gay which makes me think, that he is straight and only gay for John Paul. His biggest flaw was stringing two people he claimed to love along. It was nice to see he had matured a bit when he returned a year later.

The Aftermath
Noah had problems being seen in public holding hands much to Luke’s exasperation – he was afraid of being marked as gay since he was raised in the military by a conservative father.

Craig couldn’t wrap his mind around liking both John Paul and Sarah – and ended up two timing them both. In the end he ended up alone since his relationship with John Paul didn’t last because Craig couldn’t kiss him in the airport. I actually don’t understand JP’s reasoning here since he had a longer time getting used to be gay and even had a public relationship with Spike whereas Craig only just came out to his family and whole town by proxy. It was still very new to him and he didn’t really have time to adjust.

Will was outed in the newspaper in an effort to clear himself for murder charges. Lucky he managed to tell his parents first! By the way that plot doesn’t make any sense at all – not just the stuff about Will, but everything. Anyhow Will was the one most at ease with his sexuality after he came out. I firmly believe it wasn’t because he was trying to make himself straight that he slept with Gabi, but because he thought Sonny had moved on. His reaction actually mirrors what heterosexuals would do in the same situation.

All three actors really have some mad acting skills to pull off their storylines. One thing they all three have in common is the way their eyes express every feeling their characters are feeling. It’s quite remarkable in my opinion to be able to that.

All three characters had girlfriends before coming out which were tackled much differently depending on the show.

Noah and Maddie dated for a month or so before he came out, but they did manage to sleep together. They had more chemistry than him and Luke had. Perhaps it was because they shared so many interests and finished each other’s sentences. I don’t know. Maddie was hurt though she graciously pushed Noah and Luke towards each other and in the end she remained friends with both.

Craig and Sarah dated for around 6 months before his affair with John Paul were exposed at their engagement party. Sarah was more mad than anything else at Craig which is totally understandable – she did catch him in bed with his best friend of all people.

Will and Gabi by far had the longest relationship of them all since they broke up shortly before their 1 year anniversary and they were high school sweethearts whose romance were shot to hell when Will withdrew from any intimacy with her. Gabi ended her relationship with Will long before he officially came out, but was somewhat supportive after being told.

Noah’s father, Col. Mayer was homophobic and killed his mother leaving Noah alone in the world except for an estranged aunt who didn’t even called back when Luke left a message after the fireworks accident. The support he didn’t get from his own family, he gotin spades from Luke’s huge family, who took him in as one of their own. Though he felt uncomfortable with this fact after he became blind since he didn’t want to rely on the for all eternity. had to deal with his homophobic father who didn’t understand why his son could be gay.

Craig’s brother, Jake hurled homophobic slurs at him and his mother, Frankie was less supportive at first. Luckily for Craig his stepfather Jack, stepbrother Darren and sister Steph were totally cool with him liking John Paul. It really was a shame Craig only managed to be out for a week before he left for Dublin.

Will’s grandmothers were awesome – both Kate and Marlena had suspicions for a long time. The former took a direct approach to the subject much to his horror while the latter was more subtle and respecting his wishes, Marlena was his rock during his struggle much to both Kate and his mother’s horror. His father, Lucas supported him in theory of being gay, but when he acted on it and started kissing in public Lucas’ wasn’t a happy camper. His mother’s, Sami reaction really pale in comparison with col. Mayer (see above) it wasn’t cool walking out of the situation leaving a heartbroken Will behind. However she redeemed herself in time. In the end Will got all the support in the world from his rather large family.

Neither Noah or Craig had many friends. Many of the people surrounding Noah were Luke’s friends and Craig was a lone wolf up until he became best mates with John Paul.

Will on the other hand had many friends who all supported him – well almost everyone. Tad came around in the end after spewing homophobic slurs at both him and Sonny because “happy is good.” Abigail, Chad and to some extent Gabi were all supportive. Though I would be a little pissed if I was Chad since he had to learn about Will’s sexuality through the newspaper.

William “Will” Horton (Chandler Massey), Days of Our Lives
This was a no-brainer for me – and what makes it so easy for me to pick this one as my #1 is the fact Chandler Massey hands down is the best actor on this list.

He knocked it out of the park in his scenes especially in regard to his “coming out” storyline, “the blackmail” plot involving E.J (James Scott) and “the who shot Stefano?” farce. He really got to show off his mad acting skills – and the fact he never wavered when going up against different veteran soap stars and holding his ground fabulously. Beside he had undeniable chemistry with most of the cast. Not only with his love interests, but in particular with Casey Deirick (Chad DiMera), James Scott (E.J. DiMera) and Diedre Hall (Marlena Evans). However nothing compares to his chemistry with Freddie Smith (Sonny).

Chandler Massey has a killer smile, the most beautiful blue eyes and a massive amount of charm that can’t be bought for money.

Noah Mayer (Jake Silberman), As the World Turns
I find Jake Silberman to be a much better actor than Van Hansis (Luke Snyder) in my opinion. Not only did I find his character much more interesting all in all. I think the writers waisted his character by almost writing him out during the last 8-9 months the show aired. I never cared much for Reid Oliver (I would have called the character Oliver Reid if it was up to me – it sounds much better).

Anyway I really liked his story being a military brat and travelled the world with his father. Though his father probably won’t win the father of the year award any time soon. I think giving Noah this past is making him way more interesting than Luke. It also helps that I find him really charming and he’s really good looking. His chemistry with Van Hansis isn’t that great in my opinion. I don’t see their chemistry like the one between Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith. Actually I thought Jake Silberman had more chemistry with the actress portraying Maddie which can’t be good – or can it?

Craig Dean (Guy Burnet), Hollyoaks
Oh my God. That accent is to die for! I find the different English dialects much more endearing than its American counterpart in general. I can’t believe people bitching about not understanding what they say on YouTube. Enough of my rant and back to the topic.

Guy Burnett is an exceptional actor and I really admire his acting since he’s the one who felt most uncomfortable playing a gay character of the lot. His chemistry with James Sutton (John Paul McQueen) is likewise  great and so is his chemistry with the actress playing his sister Steph.