Magic Mike


I just saw Magic Mike last night with a friend of mine. She had been pestering me about seeing it and a couple of weeks ago I found it on sale. Yeah, I could probably have found it on Netflix, streamed it or downloaded it, but I love the feeling of having the disc in my hands. In that area I’m kind of a traditional girl. Anyway I saw it and I didn’t particularly like it.

The first thing on my mind when seeing the cover was, is this an American version of the British movie “The Full Monty”? Which I simply love to death, but unfortunately I was thoroughly disappointed. It was nothing like that because Magic Mike simply was boring as hell.


None of the actors playing the male strippers were that hot or cute – actually they were the opposite in my opinion. I remember watching Roswell where Adam Rodriguez had a major role – I found him so hot back then, now he looked like a shell of his old self. Joe Manganiello was pretty cute as Brooke’s boyfriend in One Tree Hill – now he just looks sleezy with too much gel in his hair. I’ve never found Matt Bomer attractive – not in White Collar nor in his brief stint in Glee playing Blaine Anderson’s older brother. Alex Pettyfer was super cute in I Am Number Four (why do I even admit to have seen the movie? It was a pretty bad movie!) Anyway in Magic Mike he just looked like he hadn’t washed his hair and his beard was seriously gross. And don’t even get me started on that dude with the long hair – eww! For many girls Matthew McConaughey is the epitome of hotness, but I’m not one of those girls. I’ve always found him funny looking and I’m not fond of sweaty curly and slightly long hair. Which leads me to Channing Tatum. He is the only one I don’t find it hard to look at in this movie.


One redeeming thing is all the costumes they wear. What girl doesn’t like men in uniforms? I certainly do – and I’m not afraid to admit in cyberspace, but I probably wouldn’t if my someone asked me in real life.

Anyway looks isn’t everything, but I have to say the acting was pretty bad as well – not that Adam, Joe, Matt nor the dude with long hair had much to do which is a shame because I actually find Matt and Joe descent actors and both are a joy to see in their various roles. What bothered me the most was the actress portraying Alex Pettyfer’s sister in the movie – she can’t act even if her life depended on it. It’s a liability because she plays a huge part. Oh, she and Channing Tatum had no chemistry at all. I think he would have more chemistry with a cardboard box.


The main problem with the movie isn’t the acting, but the directing. I love Steven Soderbergh’s movies, Erin Brockovich and the Ocean’s Elven trilogy. The whole movie is yellow! And I’m not that fond of yellow. It was the same feeling I had with the first Twilight movie where the whole thing was blue.

I don’t think it’s a movie I’m going to rewatch.

All in all I’d recommend watching The Full Monty instead of Magic Mike. It’s a classic and much more enjoyable to watch.

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