Will Scarlet

I haven’t really seen Once Upon A Time since season 1 or something like that. Lately I’ve been drawn to the show once again – and the sole reason is the introduction of Will Scarlet (Michael Socha). I really like his humour and sass. Seldom have I seen a character who has so many funny lines. Every single line is pure gold. Such a shame they moved Michael Socha from Once Upon A TIme In Wonderland to the mother ship without giving him any decent screen time. He has had less than 30 minutes since his introduction in season 4 episode 3, Rocky Road.


I have never seen Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and thus I don’t know Will’s adventures there with Alice nor how he ended up with the Red Queen/Anastasia (Emma Rigby). But I think I’ll give it a try when I get some more time on my hands.

Side note: Emma Rigby was awesome in the English Soap Hollyoaks where she played Hannah Ashworth. She was on the show in (what I think was the golden years) with Guy Burnet (Craig Dean), James Sutton (John Paul McQueen), Loui Batley (Sarah Barnes) and Jessica Fox (Nancy Hayton). I simply loved this 6th form group and their storylines.


Rumbelle, Scarlet Queen or Scarlet Beauty? That is the question.
I found myself liking the idea of Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Will together. Though there’s an outcry from Rumbelle (by the way this is a horrible ship name, Rumple and Belle) and Scarlet Queen (Will and The Red Queen, not one of the other queens who’s running around).

As I wrote before I can’t really have an opinion on Rumple and Belle since I haven’t watched their relationship grow. However what I’ve figured is that he lied to her during their marriage. Quite frankly I don’t understand why people ship them. It seems to me – who is on the outside looking in – that it’s not a healthy relationship. He has abused her mentally for a long time – not only in Storybrook, but also in the Enchanted Forest. I don’t blame Belle from finding comfort in someone else. What I don’t understand is how Belle and Will got together. It was never addressed on the show since there was a six week time jump between season 4A and season 4B. This ties into how underused Michael Socha really is and to a lesser degree Emilie de Ravin. Not that her role in Lost was much bigger.

Side note: I loved Emilie de Ravin in Lost and I really liked her (unlikely) relationship with musician Charlie Pace (Dominic Monaghan).His death still ranks in my top 5 over the saddest moments in television. It was just so sad and so unnecessary. At least I think it was since Desmond’s visions never came true.

Anyway Scarlet Beauty is cute and pretty vanilla compared to Belle and Will’s true loves. But I guess they could help each other out.They have a lot in common from what I’ve gathered from the bits and pieces I’ve seen on the show and from what I’ve read online.

It was a nice touch to see in Unforgiven (4×14) Will pick up to cups of coffee at Granny’s and later see one of them on the counter in Mr. Gold’s shop. That was a very subtle hint to Belle and Will having some sort of relationship.


This might be a bit spoilerish…anyway I believe the writers had plans with Will Scarlet just like they teased in the media before Christmas. Unfortunately they hit a bump in road. I believe they were negotiating with Emma Rigby, but they were unable to get her in season 4. Instead they reduced Michael Socha to a glorified extra and put Will Scarlet on the back burner. However I also believe that his story will unfold in season 5 (if he makes it so far).

Killian Jones/Captain Hook & Will Scarlet/The Knave Of Hearts
I really like his scenes with Killian Jones/Captain Hook. Their banter is hilarious.  Like i’d watch an entire episode of Cruella de Vil and Ursula snarking – I wouldn’t mind seeing an episode of Killian and Will’s excellent adventure! That would take snarking up to eleven.

From Enter The Dragon (4×15):
Killian: Well, look at which two Survivors found a dinghy together. I do hope I’m not interrupting.

Belle: Uh, Killian, this is… This is will. Have the two of you met?

Will: That we have, yeah. Ah. Now, before you give in to your pugilistic urges, Let’s take this outside away from the lady, shall we?

Belle: And you clearly don’t get along.

Killian: As much as I’d enjoy blooding you again.

From Poor Unfortunate Soul (4×16):
Will: why should I help you?

Killian: Because for once, we want the same thing… the Dark One gone. The key to making that happen is in here.

Will: Right. That your ship, is it? Bit small, isn’t it?

Killian: Careful, mate. It’s unwise to insult the size of a pirate’s ship. And you spent more time in wonderland than anyone I know. You must have something that can restore it.

Will: You’re in luck. I think I might have just what you need.

This is a pretty good picture of how they feel about each other. Problary doesn’t help that Killian punched out Will’s lights out twice without breaking into sweat.