N.B.: This was originally published in 2012, but the post weren’t imported from Tumblr to WordPress like it was supposed to.

I have just watched Reunion on Youtube. It aired in America in 2005 on Fox and due to low ratings in only aired 12 out of the planned 22 episodes season 1 was going to have, episode 13 was never shown i America, but in other countries. The last 9 episodes was never filmed. If I remember correctly this TV-show wasn’t the only one screwed over by Fox, I think Firefly was on the same channel as Reunion.

Reunion_TV_Series-644087065-largeThe plot
Six best friends;  Craig Brewster, Samantha Carlton, Aaron Lewis, Will Malloy, Jenna Moretti and Carla Noll graduate from Bedford High School, NY in 1986. Craig, Aaron and Will come from different backgrounds (rich, middle class and poor respective) and the girls seems to come from middle class backgrounds with the exception of Jenna. She and Will are on the same level. However on the night of graduation they gather to celebrate, they are soon running out of beer and while on a beer run Craig and Will are involved in a car accident. Craig begs Will to take the fall because he was drunk driving, and a sentence would ruin his chances of going to Brown University. Will, who isn’t going to college agrees to take the fall out of loyalty, but he soon regrets this decision. The day after the driver of the other vehicle dies and Will is charged with manslaughter. The Brewsters’ pay his lawyer bills and they all think he will get of with probation and community service however the judge decides to make an example out of him. He is sent to a prison for young men for 12 months. Meanwhile Sam finds out she is pregnant – with Will’s child. They had a short tryst when Craig and she was broken up. She tells Will and later lies to him about it being a false alarm. Instead she and Carla, who is nursing a broken heart do to the fact she is in love with Aaron (who in turn is in love with Jenna) hooked up with Jenna goes to London.

20 years later in 2006 when they all six gather to attend their 20th High School Reunion one of them is found dead. Detective Marjorino (who has a personal interest in the case) interviews them
all in turns dead set on finding the killer of the victim.

This is a premise of the show. Each episode takes place the year after the other. I just summarized episode 1 above.

Since it was canceled, it leaves many unanswered questions! Beware of spoilers.

1) Why is Craig faking being paralyzed 20 years later?

2) Why did Will become a priest?

3) Did Carla’s husband Peter die of his leukemia? 4) Did Megan fake Amy and her own death because Paul had found out where they were?

It’s a shame the show was canceled it provided something fresh and nothing I have seen before. The idea with each episode jumps a year is actually a very good idea, much better than when an existing show suddenly jumps 5 years into the future.

Dave Annable as Aaron Lewis
Alexa Davalos as Samantha Carlton
Will Estes as William Malloy
Sean Faris as Craig Brewster
Chyler Leigh as Carla Noll
Amanda Righetti as Jenna Moretti