Sabrina – The Teenage Witch

I’ve watched countless TV-Shows centred around high school and college. Some are good and some are downright bad. Sabrina – The Teenage Witch places itself firmly in the middle since the later seasons are filled with continuity errors and plot holes. It’s no secret I prefer seasons 1-3 to the last four seasons because of they jumped the shark when they decided to get rid of Libby and Valerie.  I admit, that I skipped a lot of episodes during seasons 5-7 because I simply because of plot holes, continuity errors, dull characters. I got the feeling the writers didn’t know where to take the show after they switched channels. In my opinion it was a big mistake firing all supporting cast except Sabrina, her aunts and Josh between season three and four. Actually it might have been season five instead of season four where the show jumped the shark. Or maybe season seven where they let go of Sabrina’s aunts Zelda and Hilda, although the references to all the historic figures they had know grew old and dull. I do think that was the charm in season 1-3 having her live at home under their guidance while trying to fit in at school.
Brad in season four wasn’t featured enough to be Libby’s replacement in my opinion – and I think they wasted his character. It could have been different if the witch and witch hunter came head to head instead of just eliminating him as a threat in an anticlimactic sequence. I actually quit liked his character since he was the only one sensing something was off with Sabrina.

How believable is it for Harvey NOT to figure out what Sabrina is? It takes him four seasons! In comparison it takes Xander around four episodes figuring out Buffy is a vampire slayer – and he isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch – just like Harvey. However Harvey is endearingly sweet, cute and very much in love with Sabrina – and love makes you blind – right? Anyway I had a hard time buying their relationship – not because they didn’t have chemistry because MJH and NR sure had it in spades. But because they never really went out together without some wacky hijinks ensued. Sure they had sweet moments, but I really hope he got to know the real Sabrina after the series final because I’m not sure he really knew her at all – even though he became her secret keeper. I never rooted for the first love interest the progatonist gets in a TV-Show- I didn’t root for Angel on Buffy, Dawson on Dawson’s Creek nor did I root for Dean on Gilmore Girls. Well, I rooted for Harvey all the way this time around. The show wasn’t the same in season five when he wasn’t around – and I really wanted Sabrina and him together. I didn’t like Josh, Kevin or Aaron that much – the three witches/warlocks (Dashiell, Derek and Dante) fared slightly better than the three mortals.

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