This post was going to be an analysis of Sense8. However, I don’t really feel like writing that one after reading Netflix cancelled it today. I think it’s a shame they did so, and on a major cliffhanger (I will never know what happened to Wolfgang, if Lito told Hernando and Dani about being a Sense8, I will never see Felix reaction to be told about Wolfgang’s “Indian escape” nor will I never see Whispers being taken down once and for all). I hate cliffhangers in general, but this one actually hurt. I tried getting into the series when season 1 was released. I made it half-way through the second episode, and then I gave up. A couple of months ago I needed something to watch to distract me from things happening in real life. While searching on Netflix I stumbled upon the series (again). I decided to give it another try, and watched season 1 and the Christmas Special over four or five days. I was drawn into into it after reading online I should give it 3-4 episodes since it’s slow on the uptake. But once it does – it soars. I have never seen a more diverse cast – ever! And I really liked it.

For some reason I latched onto Kala and Wolfgang the most. Maybe because I’m a adopted from India (and it was nice seeing someone I could see myself in – looks and all) or maybe it was because I’ve visited Berlin so many times throughout the years that it felt like coming home.

However, I really liked all the main characters (and their quirky sidekicks – Felix, Jela, Kala parents et all.). It was like watching 8 movies in one.

  • Capheus is in an action/political thriller.
  • Kala is in a Bollywood/romantic drama.
  • Lito is in a Mexican telenova.
  • Nomi is in a hacker/techno thriller with a layer of sexual exploration.
  • Riley is in a Indie movie with a splash of Trainspotting.
  • Sun is in a material arts/prison drama.
  • Will is in a police procedural.
  • Wolfgang is in a crime drama.

The second thing I really liked about Sense8 was each member brought a skill to the cluster. Everyone one of them was important. I’m sure there are other bloggers who have listed them. The third thing I liked was how different lives protagonists lived and I loved seeing the different cultures each provided.

The cinematography was in a league of its own. From sunny Mumbai/Nairobi/Mexico City to dreary Berlin/Seoul/Iceland it matched the characters perfectly. I’m still amazed it was shot on location rather than in front of a crappy green screen. This added so much to the viewing experience.

Anyway maybe I will expand my thoughts on Sense8 when I’m not upset about the cancellation – I’ll probably forgot about it when Game of Thrones season 7 rolls around in July or when The Defenders get released in August.