The Dead Zone

I’ve just finished the first four seasons on The Dead Zone. I found the TV-show via Anthony Michael Hall. He has always been a favorite of mine since I saw him in Sixteen Candles and especially in Breakfast Club. Another thing that drew me to The Dead Zone was the fact its characters are based on a novel written by Stephen King.

Two episodes (until now) are on my top two list over the best episodes from the TV-show. The first one is a season 2 episode called “Playing God”. The episode reunite Ally Sheedy and Anthony Michael Hall from Breakfast Club. Ally Sheedy playes Kate Moore (the sister to Johnny’s childhood friend Jason). I love the callback to the film when their characters remice about High School where she confesses that she had a crush on him back then. He disagrees saying he was a skinny little nerd” and that she was into the “head-banging guys” in those days. In Breakfast Club they played a skinny nerd (Brian/the Brain) and a head-banger (Allison/the Basketcase). They really had much better chemistry with each other than Johnny (Hall’s character) was supposed to have with Sarah (his primary love interest).

The second episode is actually two episodes since they both star Jennifer Finnigan as Alex Sinclair – a female psychic. Both episodes can be found in season four – “Double Visions” and “A Very Dead Zone Christmas” – and if I thought anything could top the chemistry between Sheedy and Hall, then I need to rethink the whole thing. Jennifer and Anthony really have chemistry that sends electric jolts through the screen. I wouldn’t mind to have seen her more on the show since she is the love interest I’d prefer.

They make an excellent couple in my opinion. On top of that she and Kate (Ally Sheedy) are my favorites among all the female love interests Johnny was presented. I actually thought it’s a shame they didn’t explore the idea of double visions some more. It was certainly more interesting than the subplot involving Sean Patrick Flanery (Greg Stilson) and the Apocalypse – even though I have a fondness for SPF.

Here is a direct comparison on how AMH looked in 1985 and in the early 2000’s. One thing is crystal clear and that he certainly isn’t the scrawny and awkward teenager anymore however I still cherish the Geek (Sixteen Candles) and Brian (Breakfast Club). In connection to this I want to point out is how well AMH has aged. Actually the picture on Wikipedia doesn’t do him any favors because he looks old. But I Googled him and found some better pictures of how he looks now.

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