The Walking Dead: The Distance (5×11)

The Distance

Last Monday I saw my first episode of The Walking Dead since season 1. I know it’s odd to start in the middle of season 5, but I decided to give it a go when I heard they were introducing two new characters – Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson). I thought they sounded like some nice addition to the cast – and I was right. Or at least I would like to think I was.


Thus he absolutely hates the applesauce Rick is forcing him to eat. Word of advice for anyone who finds them in a similar situation (I mean bound and being threatened with guns and knives) – eat the applesauce. Though I’m not really one to talk since I’m very picky! It was kind of funny to see him being spoon fed by Rick (Andrew Lincoln).2. “My mom used to make me eat foods I didn’t like to make me more manly. Salmon patties, applesauce, and onions. She was a very confused woman who tried her damnedest.”- Aaron. 

What did we learn about Aaron?

1. He’s a scout/recruiter from a gated community called Alexandria Safe-Zone near Washington D.C.
How one can become more manly by eating applesauce is a good question. I think he didn’t like it to begin with and his mother just ran with it.


3. He apparently have been following the survivors for an undefined amount of time (the actor, Ross Marquand says 2-3 weeks, but it’s never really explicitly stated in the episode).

4. He left the group water bottles in the road.

5. He collects number plates – and has quite a collection. I’m wondering how he’ll get one from Alaska and Hawaii? However I don’t think, that I need to think about it since he loses the car and the number plates.

6. He worked for a Non profit Organization before the Apocalypse delivering food to the Niger Delta in Africa.

7. He has a boyfriend – and is gay. He shared a kiss with Eric who he believed to be in mortal peril and was relived that it wasn’t the case (he only had a broken ankle).

This brought some Twitter users some heartache since they are stuck in the Middle Ages. It’s finny how they condone violence, cannibalism, rape, mutilation and child endangerment (poor Judith! She has to eat crushed acorns and rolling around on the backseat of a moving car).

7. He has a quirky sense of humor! I found him pretty funny and I’d like if he sticks around.I learned the character, Tara (Alanna Masterson) is a lesbian, which they apparently (and conveniently) forgot. I rather think it’s the infamous double standard that comes into play. Girl on girl in hot! Guys kissing is gross. Welcome to 2015!

“I wish there was another word. Audition makes it sound like we’re some kind of a dance troupe. That’s only on Friday nights.” – Aaron.

The above line is like his third in the episode and fourth overall. His introduction was great as well.


Plot Hole?
There is some incontinence and much confusion in how the thing with Aaron and Eric play out.

1) Aaron leaves Eric and goes to meet the group.

2) Aaron is knocked out by Rick.

3) When he comes around he tells them they had to leave the vehicles aid they left on route 16 due to the hurricane.

4) The fearless five (Maggie, Glenn, Daryl, Abraham and Rosita)* goes out to find the vehicles Aaron said they left on route 16 due to the hurricane.

5) Eric spies them from behind a tractor.

6) The fearless five returns with the vehicles (a car and a RV).

7) Rick decides to take route 23 north and drive at night instead of taking route 16 as Aaron proposed since it was “cleared” and go “now” (day).

8) They divide the group into the two vehicles – Aaron, Rick, Michonne** and Glenn in the car. The rest goes into the RV.

9) Glenn hits a herd of walkers/roamers and drive through it. The RV is gone!

10) The four in the car sees a flare lightning the sky and Aaron panics. He bolts from the car knocking Michonne over with the back car door.

11) Glenn saves Aaron’s life and they save Rick and Michonne from being devoured.

12) Aaron hands over/drops the gun (his own that Rick took from him) afterwards.

13) The four somehow find their way to route 16 and follows it to the water tower where they are reunited with the group and Eric.

* Maggie: Lauren Cohan, Glenn: Steven Yeun, Daryl: Norman Reedus, Abraham: Michael Cudlitz and Rosita (Christian Serrantos).
**Michonne: Danai Gurira

Question 1: Where is the RV when the car stops after plowing through the walkers/roamers?
I believe Abraham backed down the road when he saw what the others had gotten themselves into and found an alternative route.

Question 2: Was Aaron going to abandon his partner and boyfriend?
I think they (the whole group) were on their way to the water tower to collect Eric when shit hit the fan (pardon my French). Aaron would know to look for him there because I think they arranged beforehand that they would meet up at that particular spot if everything went south or if there mission was a success.

Question 3: How did Eric get the broken ankle? And how did he meet up with the group in the RV?
Unfortunately this happens off screen and so I can only speculate.

The fearless five took the vehicles and instead of following them on foot, Eric retreated to the water tower. He probably expected Aaron to stop and pick him up, had they followed Aaron’s advice on taking route 16 north. That night he ran into some problems with some walkers/roamners and fired his flare. He had his own flare gun and by this point Aaron was bound and confined to a car with Rick, Glenn and Michonne. Maggie’s group didn’t have a flare gun as Rick had taken the one Aaron was carrying. The four saw the flare as did the other group. Independently the two groups head towards it. Maggie’s group did that because they assumed it was Rick’s flare they were seeing, and Rick’s group guessed it was what Maggie would do and so the best way to rejoin her. Maggie’s group arrived first because they still had a working vehicle and saved Eric as a result.

Question 4: Why did Eric behave like he had never met Rick before?

I geniually believe they hadn’t officially met each other. Eric only knew Rick from a distance and not up close. So it’s not far-fetched they are meeting for the first time.

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