The Sixth Point

Here is the sixth post out of a series of sixth wherein I write about something that bugs me about Twilight and its universe.

6. How Edward stalked and abused Bella

Edward stalked Bella like she was his prey which she kind of was. She was his singer and therefore in constant danger when around him.

He never asked permission to watch her sleep and he oiled the window so is would not make much noise. That is not romantic. That is creepy. It is unnerving so any young girls find this romantic.

Edward abused Bella – not in the psychical way, but more psychologically. He took out the engine in her truck to keep her from Jacob. He had Alice kidnap her for the same purpose.

He actually  put her in more danger than Jacob ever did. He was the one who threw into that glass table at her 18th birthday party. Granted he was trying to keep her out of harms way, but he made everything worse. I believe the situation could have been resolved in a more peaceful way.

The next post will explain why I needed to make this series of 6 points that bugs me in Twilight and its universe.

The Fifth Point

Here is the fifth post out of a series of sixth wherein I write about something that bugs me about Twilight and its universe.

5. How Jacob’s character derailed when Stephenie Meyer realized he was a better romantic option for Bella. 

Jacob was introduced as a sweet sixteen-year-old kid, who Bella remembered playing with when she was younger. By the end of Eclipse this sweet guy had turned into a possessive jerk. There was no reason for him to turn out that way except Stephenie Meyer needed to make room for her endgame couple, which were Bella and Edward.

And do not get me started on him imprinting on Bella’s daughter.

Stay tunes for the last part in the series.

The Fourth Point

Here is the fourth post out of a series of sixth wherein I write about something that bugs me about Twilight and its universe.

4. How vampires sparkle in the sun and how semen apparently can survive in a body that is for all intend and purposes rock hard and cold.

I would prefer if the vampires did not sparkle like a disco ball in the sun. I laughed my ass off when I read how Edward sparkled in the sun. I saw Robert Pattinson’s scrawny chest along with the rest of the theater! It was not something I would want to look at again. I think it came of as scrawny since we have been accosted to see a bunch of half-naked Native Americans with six packs, broad shoulders and towering heights running around.

I do not understand how Edward produces semen nor how he can get an erection. I suppose that I should not speculate too much about this otherwise I would hurt my head banging it against a flat surface.

Stay tuned for the fifth part of the series.

The Third Point

Here is the third post out of a series of sixth wherein I write about something that bugs me about Twilight and its universe.

3. How Stephenie Meyer portrayed the Cullens who were not Edward or Alice

Every character in the Cullen family who is not Edward nor Alice were severely underused.

I would have loved to delve more into Jasper’s story since he is one of the most intriguing characters in the whole series. Born and bred in Texas, youngest major in the Confederate Army, Turned during the Civil War, fighting in the vampire wars under Maria’s command and meeting Peter and Charlotte.

Likewise Rosalie’s story is intriguing as well (if Stephenie Meyer had done her researched properly) – people were not rich when the banks cracked in the late 1920’s. The whole aspect of the expectations for young women to marry rich and well were very interesting.

Oh and Edward has morals that belongs in the Edwardian era. I know he was turned in the middle of the Spanish flue, but even Eric and Bill (from True Blood/The Southern Vampire Mysteries) updated their views on various subjects and never treated Sookie like a porcelain doll.

Stay tuned for the fourth part of the series.

The Second Point

Here is the second post out of a series of sixth wherein I write about something that bugs me about Twilight and its universe.

2. Imprinting

I actually do not like imprinting, but it’s a good plot devise since it creates trouble for the characters to no end. Just look at all the fanfictions where Jake and goes off the deep end because he do not get Bella. Stephenie Meyer established imprinting was supposed to be rare and yet there are five imprinted wolves out of ten. That is half the Pack.

I do not like, how Quil imprinted on a toddler nor how Jacob imprinted on the spawn of Bella and Edward. It is just not okay! Grown men imprinting on children. I know they can be whatever the imprintee needs, but no this does not sit well with me.

Jared imprinted on a girl he had never had a conversation with ever. That’s just plain weird.

Sam broke Leah’s heart when he imprinted on her cousin who came down. Emily came to La Push to help Leah get over her heartbreak, which Sam caused in the first place. I never liked how people moaned about how much of pain in the butt Leah was because of it. She cannot be angry that she lost the loved of her life without warning what so ever.  Wouldn’t you be angry if you had to be in the head of your ex, who literary cannot stop thinking of the woman he imprinted on? I would be pissed if it were I. To make matters worse she is the only character who does not get a happy ending in the books.

Paul imprinted on Rachel Black who was home to visit Billy and Jacob. Suddenly she is expected to give up her dreams because Paul cannot leave the reservation.

The only saving grave in this mess is that we did not get a front row seat  to see Embry, Seth, Collin nor Brady imprint.

Stay tuned for the third part in the series.

The First Point

Here is the first post out of a series of sixth wherein I write about something that bugs me about Twilight and its universe.

1. How Stephenie Meyer chose to portray the human characters (Bella’s friends from Forks and Charlie)

The humans were screwed over by Stephenie Meyer in the books.

Most people dislikes Mike for acting and behaving like a teenage boy in the contrary to Edward and to a lesser extent Jacob. Mike is just acting like a normal teenage boy with hormones raging and so on. It took the cake when Bella compared him to a Labrador! I would take Mike any day over misters too cold and too hot.

Charlie becomes a jerk in Eclipse, when he high-fived Jake after the latter forced himself upon Bella. In the previous books, he had been an upstanding and patient father. Bella acted like a brat at times and I’m surprised she got off pretty easy after her adventures in Phoenix and Volterra.

Stay tuned for the second part in the series.

End credits

I’ve never seen The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II because I thought Part I was bad. I really wanted my money and time back after the movie ended.

Today I was reading some old reviews of the late Roger Ebert – among them were a review of Breaking Dawn Part II where it was mentioned that the end credits was a photo line up of all the actors and actresses who had been a part of the franchise were pictured. I went to look it up on Youtube and I must admit I was moved to tears. It was beautiful done – not even Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II did such a thing. It’s a shame because it would have been a perfect ending to a great movie franchise. This is the only thing where The Twilight Saga is superior to the Harry Potter film series. David Yates should have made that decision since Harry Potter along with the Lord of the Rings probably is the greatest film franchises that have been made in the last decade.

However The Twilight Saga might be superior to the Harry Potter film series in this regard. It’s not superior to the end credits Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King presents. Alan Lee’s drawings combined with the music by Annie Lennox makes it the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had with end credits. I might be biased since The Lord of the Rings trilogy is among my favorite films. When I heard what the song was about, I was moved to tears as well. It was inspired by Cameron Duncan – a young man from New Zealand suffering from cancer. He was a filmmaker whose work had impressed Peter Jackson according to the bonus features on the Extended Edition.
I’m over and out now because if I dwell with this I might start crying for real.