Oliver and Christian, Verbotene Liebe

Oliver Sabel (Jo Weil) and Christian Mann (Thore Schölermann) has become an iconic gay couple in the soap world despite the show is from Germany.

1. Christian and Oliver’s Sexuality
I believe Christian is bisexual with a preference for women. The only guy he has ever shown interest in on the show is Oliver. Actually Christian might only be gay for Oliver, much like Graig is for John Paul on Hollyoaks. Both Christian and Craig cheated repeatedly on their partners with females- not males which is why I have come to this conclusion.

Oliver on the other hand is firmly established bisexual having made out with both men and women, but I think he has a preference for men. I fare better when it comes to believing him as bisexual since he has kissed both genders on screen unlike Christian.

2.Their Wedding
They couldn’t get the actors playing Gregor and Luise back for Oliver and Christian’s wedding? I can live with that, but I found it odd no one mentioned them once. They are Christian’s last remaining relatives discounting Stella, who suspiciously also didn’t attend. One would have thought Gregor at least called Christian on his special day to wish him good luck. Instead Oliver’s irritating mother showed up.

I was so sad when Gregor and Luise left the show because with them gone Christian had no family left on the show to interact with. I loved the scenes between Christian and Gregor – they really had great chemistry.

The Flat share
This is even more ridiculous than in Friends. How many bedrooms does these two apartments have? It seems – especially the bigger one – is overcrowded at times. Well, I believe the bigger of the two has three bedrooms, one or two bathrooms? and a combined kitchen/living room. The smaller one has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a combined kitchen/living room.